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Frosch is a trusted German brand that offers environmentally friendly cleaning products without compromise. Their Dishwashing Liquid is a moisturizing hand dishwashing soap that works efficiently and is gentle on skin. Dermatologically tested to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, Frosch Dishwashing Liquid is pH-skin neutral, vegan, and EU Ecolabel Certified. Available in four varieties, Frosch Dishwashing Liquid contains extracts that soothe and moisturize skin while providing an effective clean.

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Dermatologically testedEnvironmentally friendlyMoisturizingpH-skin neutralSensitive skinVegan

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We really enjoyed your product! I wish it was available for purchase in store than online. That was our only complaint!
- Abigail N.

I really enjoyed using my samples. What I like most about these products are how their environmentally friendly and organic. Thank you for choosing me for this review.
- Robin C.

Frosch dish liquid was the best dish soap I have ever used. I thought it was very gentle on my hands and made them smooth. I’m very grateful to have had a chance to be in this sampling. Thank you so much Moms Meet!
- Britany K.

I was delightfully surprised at the cleaning power! The smells were definitely weird, and I have never been able to find Frosch in any store near me, so that would deter me from purchasing.
- Emily E

The scent was so fragrant but the actual soap is very gentle on our skin. It doesn’t dry it out or feel greasy which a lot of soaps do.
- Nicole T.

I was quite nervous that it wouldn’t clean as well as Dawn (I WAS a loyal DAWN customer), but this experience has been truly amazing and Frosch did NOT disappoint AT ALL! Thank you so much for introducing this safe line of products to me.
- Sarah S.

Some thought it smelled too strong, but overall we were happy with the products.
- Jan S.

Love that it is safe and free of harmful chemicals.
- Jill B.

Several in my group were bothered that the dishwashing liquid was so thin and did not suds very well. Others did not like the scent.
- Teri R.

This was a surprise hit with my group. We did not think that it would have been effective in working on grease and dirty dishes. But it shined and so did the pots, pans, and dishes.
- Ida M.

Frosch dish soap did an excellent job at cleaning my dishes and made my hands so smooth. It’s the best dish soap I have ever used. Thank you Moms Meet for the opportunity to sample Frosch products!
- Britany K.

It was light scented, left my hands moisturized without being harsh – was effective with little of the product being used.
- Kasie K.

The liquid itself was not a bad product . We just couldn’t get passed the smell.
- Lisa P.

We loved the sampling, the only gripe was the dishwashing liquid not foaming up, as expected.
- Tonya D.

I loved this dish soap, I hesitate to buy some products because the scents are unpleasant, too strong, etc. Frosch smelled wonderful, it has a light, and pleasant scent. It also works better than other green dish soaps I have tried.
- Grace D.

Please make it more available at places like whole foods, walmart, ect. It;s so hard to find around here.
- Adedayo M.

I really enjoyed learning more about Frosch, so much so that I went out to the website to learn more about it, where I could purchase it, and other Frosch products. I was really impressed by their standards.
- Clara B.

Great product – hope it’s available in stores soon! Especially loved the pomegranate fragrance!
- Lauren B.

It is a bit of a deterrent that it is not widely available. It is a great product and it would be so nice if we could just walk into a store and pick it up off the shelf and buy it.
- Abby S.

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