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Seaweed is gaining popularity as an ingredient in cuisines all over the world – for good reason.  It’s a vegetable.  It’s a superfood.  Not to mention, it’s the most environmentally-sustainable vegetable in the world, as it requires no fresh water, land or chemicals to grow.  It’s also a wholesome snack kids love to eat and can’t get enough of.  Speaking of seaweed snacks, they are seriously crunchy snacks that taste good – are good for you – and are fun to eat too. They are also nutrient-dense: Excellent source of Vitamins B12, K and Iodine.  With a variety of flavors (all roasted to light and crispy perfection), we know you’ll be going back for more and more.

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Where to purchase:

gimme Seaweed is available to purchase everywhere. To find a store near you, visit Share this special offer with your group: Save 20% on any new product on with promo code MOMS20. Offer is valid through 3/31/23.

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