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Are you lactose-intolerant, but not quite ready to say goodbye to cheese? GO Veggie!® Lactose Free Slices are the perfect solution for those who love cheese, but cheese doesn’t love them back. Always plant-based and gluten-free, GO Veggie!® Lactose Free Slices melt, stretch, and savor just like traditional cheese. They also have double the amount of calcium, 50% less fat, 40% less calories, and no cholesterol or saturated fat (compared to ordinary cheddar cheese). GO Veggie!®Lactose Free Slices are available in all of your favorite flavors, including Cheddar, American, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone, and Cheddar with Jalapeño.

Dairy freeGluten freeLactose freeNo cholesterolNo saturated fat

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Reviews from our moms

The cheese looked like real cheese and the kids were okay with it. It was the adults that could notice a difference and said this was not their favorite.
- Jacquelyn L.

I was pretty surprised. They tasted just like regular cheese, and everyone — even my kids — liked them!
- Bernadette N.

No one could taste the difference in the GO Veggie slices versus regular cheese. It was very good tasting. In fact, I made my husband a sandwich later (using this), and he didn’t even realize that it wasn’t ‘real’ cheese inside!
- Martha F.

Everyone enjoyed the cheese.
- Denise R.

It was very hard to find them in stores.
- Jessica O.

The texture could have been better, but the taste was good.
- Latonia B.

I had trouble finding the slices, had to go to two Whole Foods.
- Rachel Amatuzzi

Most of our members liked the product, but still felt the taste could be improved on. Most found that they enjoyed the cheese on crackers or on a cold sandwich, but didn’t care for it much warm or hot. However, most thought it melted better than other brands. We had a mixed reaction over all.
- Leslie S.

Everyone was wowed by the taste and texture of the products (even those who eat dairy cheese)! Overwhelmingly positive response.
- Lauren S.

The cheese is ok but it does not have a strong enough taste to compete with the real thing.
- Brenda K.

My group said in many stores they didn’t have all the variety of cheese products available to try. For instance one member wanted to try the mozzarella shreds but the only one available was the cheddar shreds.
- Amanda S.

Most of our moms were thrilled to try this. A lot of kids in our group have food allergies and a lot of the women reported wanting a cholesterol free alternative for their husbands.
- Dawn L.

My kids and I thought that the cheese was great! It had a wonderful flavor, and melted really well when we cooked grilled cheese!
- Tartanesha B.

Superior taste, texture, and meltability.
- Otto S.

It was very yummy. None of us are vegan and were very surprised at how great it tasted.
- Sonya G.

We were surprised that the products tasted good. We were hesitant because all brands do not taste good.
- April E.

I would like to see a ‘sharp’ cheddar flavor. Something with a stronger cheese taste that real cheese lovers would enjoy.
- Lisa G.

The kids didn’t like the taste of the cheddar cheese but I also made pizza with mozzarella and they ate it all.
- Jessica P.

I LOVED this product! My daughter is lactose intolerant, so we have been shopping around to find other alternatives to regular cheese. We cut all cheese and milk completely from our diets, but who can live without cheese?! GO Veggie’s Lactose Free Slices were definitely the BEST cheese alternative we have tried that didn’t have a strange texture or weird aftertaste!
- Katy K.

Everyone in my group loves the taste, ingredients and size of the cheese. Everyone loved the fact that each slice is individually wrapped.
- Ambreen J.

I, along with a few other mothers are trying to get away from animal products and I love cheese, so these cheese slices really helped my craving for cheese.
- Diana L.

We love the fact that it was very meltable and made excellent grilled cheese. The taste was magnificent
- Marge B.

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