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Eating well should be simple. Yet finding the time to make delicious, wholesome meals that the whole family can enjoy is hard. Good Food Made Simple is changing that—one mouthwatering meal at a time—by preparing simple recipes you can feel good about eating that are ready in minutes. Their latest product, Pancake Puffs, add a fun twist on a breakfast classic. Pancake Puffs are puffy mini pancakes that can be enjoyed at anytime, with or without syrup. Available in two delicious flavors, Original and Banana, Pancake Puffs are loved by kids for their yummy taste, and loved by adults because they are made with non-GMO ingredients and do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, or hydrogenated oils.

No artificial colors or flavorsNo hydrogenated oilsNon-GMO

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We loved this sample program, and so did the kids! These pancake puffs were very easy to prepare and tasted fantastic. My only concern (along with other members in my group) was that the price was a bit high compared to what we usually purchase, and the package wasn’t as full as what we were expecting based on the size of the package.
- Lori S.

We pretty much all agreed that the pancake puffs had no real taste to them.
- Jodie H.

I was shocked at how well received these were. Kid and adults loved them equally. Only negative is availability at the stores we shop. The only locations were not very convenient to most of my group, even though we are from all over the city.
- Kellie P.

Oh my gosh! This was a very popular one. So many of the group members had not even heard of these puffs. I had several bags on hand and we wound up using all of them! The group went nuts over how easy they are to prepare. Even the elementary kiddos can make them! And, it is a great alternative to cereal on those busy days. It was a fabulous sampling.
- Linda P.

On the flyer in the box it states the oven temp and time, but that was not on the packaging. I don’t have a microwave so if that could be added on the packaging.
- Claudia T.

Puffs were the perfect size for younger group members. Parents were a bit concerned for older kids who could eat half the bag in one sitting. Texture of the pancakes affected taste for some of the kids. Banana was a surprise hit.
- Shula R.

I loved them, my kids loved them. They were easy to find and therefore easy to share with my group.
- Shelley T.

Great sampling! Half of my group thought the product was too doughy, but liked the flavor. Definitely interested in other flavors!
- Melanie S.

It was very difficult to locate this product in stores. Having it only available at Target made it a challenge to purchase and plan my sample event. -Renee S.
- Renee S.

It was confusing that the package itself did not have instructions for cooking in the oven. My group members really enjoyed the puffs with syrup to dip into, but not so much on their own. They all agreed they would happily eat them again, but most stated that they don’t typically buy this type of product (most do homemade if doing pancakes) and probably would not start doing so.
- Amanda B.

These were so easy to prepare and the children in our group loved them. A lot of the kids ate them plain and gobbled them up.
- Patty A.

This is by far a favorite in this group. The children and adults liked the size, texture and taste of the GFMS pancake puffs. We would go out of our way to buy this product!
- Latonia B.

I think the reason most of us didn’t like the taste is because we were expecting a stronger banana taste.
- Natascha H.

These little puffs are wonderful!! We were all very pleasantly surprised at the delicious flavor and how tender they were for being in the microwave. Myself and my group fell in love with them and I wish I had bought out all of the packages my local Super Target had. We almost needed a nap after we indulged. Thank you so much for picking my group to be a part of this.
- VJ Florio

I could only find the banana flavored puffs. They were very good and the group liked them, but the price without the coupon seemed high.
- Eva L.

This product is great. Looking forward to taking them along on a family camping trip for my kids. They are very easy to use and great tasting. Everyone really liked them at our party. Kids loved dunking them in different sauces. Thanks for letting us sample this product.
- Chris K.

These are great! The adults and kids loved them. We love how easy they are to make and how much better they are then the other brands for our children.
- Ashleigh F.

I thought that they were a tasty, healthy, quick and easy breakfast. Perfect for the busy family.
- Judy S.

My kids loved it! I’m so happy to have found a great tasting, healthy breakfast/snack for them.
- Kat V.

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