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Looking for a healthy juice you and your kids can agree on? We’ve found it! Meet good2grow™ drinks—the adorable non-GMO beverages are made of 100% juice, and deliver a punch of nutrition. They also come in two fruit and veggie varieties. Kids will also love the fun SippaTop™ caps that feature dozens of iconic cartoon characters. Plus they’re totally spill-proof, thanks to patented technology. Here’s how it works: Start off with one juice and a matching SippaTop™ cap. Then, when your kiddo polishes off his good2grow™ drink, you can wash off the top (its dishwasher safe!) and attach it to any good2grow™ refill bottle of your choice. Each of the BPA-free bottles are recyclable, and the tops are reusable, making them a safe choice for your family.

100% fruit juiceBPA freeNo added sugarNo artificial colors or flavorsNo high-fructose corn syrupNo preservativesNon-GMOOrganicRecyclableVitamin C

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good2grow™ drinks are available at grocery stores, mass retailers, and drug stores nationwide, including: Kroger, Safeway, H-E-B, BI-LO, Ingles, Meijer, Piggly Wiggly, Wakefern, Food Lion, Hannaford, Raleys, Babies “R” Us, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, RaceTrac, Kwik Trip, 7-11, Sheetz, QT, BP, Cumberland Farms, Wawa, Circle K, and Kangaroo Express.


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There are so many characters to choose from, whether if it is for a boy or a girl. The kids young and old enjoyed the flavors. The lids are spill proof which is a plus. The nutritional literature provided a comparison of the benefits of drinking the Good2Grow drinks instead of other drinks, especially when it comes to sugar content. The refills cannot be found at a lot of stores, but the individual ones with character tops seem to be available at most stores. I use them again and fill with water. My 2 year old loves to drink from his Captain America bottle. I would highly recommend these drinks!
- April E.

The kids loved trying these drinks and loved the fun toppers. Moms loved that they have a no spill top and are such healthy alternatives to other fruit juices. Our favorite was the fruit and veggie juice! We love being able to sneak in the vegetables anyway we can! Thanks for this opportunity!
- Bree C.

This taste testing was greatly enjoyed by moms and kids alike. Both liked the flavors, the convenience, and the characters. The kids were excited to take the tops home with them.
- Deb W.

I invited my moms group over to my house. We have over 40 members, but we only had about 7 moms and their babies able to attend. The babies of the moms who attended range in age from seven months to a year and a half in. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to use the spill proof top at their age, but several babies did and they loved it, including my son (10 1/2 months).
- Janine H.

It was a great party. Kids were so excited with the characters of the juice. We have so much and we went to the park to play a fun game. They needed to know the fruits and veggies in the juices to win a coupon. It was so funny. They were saying things not related to the juice at all. LOL. Thanks for everything.
- Karina C.

Good2grow was such a hit with our kiddos! None of our moms had ever heard of the juice before today, and ALL of the kiddos loved the juice. Moms really liked the fact that the character tops do not leak. The beverage has a serving of fruits and veggies! Something we ALL need more of, right?:) Everyone was VERY happy with the high value coupon for a free 6-pack and looks forward to letting their little one pick out their favorite character. Thanks so much Moms Meet & Good 2 Grow. We had a wonderful sampling!
- Kristie R.

We had kids inside and outside enjoying the pool while drinking good2grow. One said she loves the juice because it tasted like real juice. That made all the moms outside laughed.
- Pheng S.

I really think this was the first time everyone was fighting over drinks! All the parents and all the kids loved the drinks! It was hard to get some of the children pictured because they began playing with the cups as soon as they finished the drink! My group had a great time with this product!
- Tisha V.

We had a great time family members and friends at a good2grow sampling. All of the kids loved the juice and the sip toy in the form of the character they had. The moms loved the idea that it is actually good for them. Some of the parents actually even loved the juice for themselves.
- Yanel V.

It’s a bit expensive compared to other brands, but all the natural ingredients and features that it brings along justifies it’s price.
- Shweta N.

These are a little expensive, but worth it!
- Raina J.

Cute characters that kids went wild over. My kids wanted to go to the store and buy all the characters. We liked that there are 100% juice flavors. We would like to see the 100% juice fruit punch flavor available in refill packs. Moms loved these juices and kids begged for more.
- Fran D.

It was a fun product for the kids that we will be buying refills for. The juice ingredients are great, nothing artificial, and no sweeteners or gmo’s. We would like to see 100% organic varieties available, as well as more 100% juice options.
- Star R.

The packaging was fun and the kids loved picking out their favorite characters. A couple of the mom’s said there were no refills available at their store.
- Tatiana K.

The kids loved good2grow drinks! The moms loved the spill proof lids and so did the kids! They all had a blasting picking a character and a flavor of juice. It was a hit!
- Rebecca W.

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