GOODLES Mac and Cheese

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Do you ever dream of your favorite childhood foods? Nostalgia fills your mind, conjuring up memories of yummy, creamy, macaroni and cheese…

Well, the cheesy goodness you’ve been dreaming of isn’t just for the kids anymore. GOODLES® offers a nutrient-packed and unbelievably delicious mac and cheese that tastes like childhood, but eats like a balanced meal. Each box contains 14 grams of protein from chickpea, wheat, and whey. There are also six grams of fiber and 21 different plant-derived nutrients in each serving.

So, stop dreaming and grab your spork!

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14g Protein21 Nutrients6g FiberClean Label Purity AwardMade with real cheeseNon-GMO

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GOODLES  Mac and Cheese is available to purchase at Target. To find a store near you, visit:

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