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Baby wipes are a staple in every diaper bag. As parents, we need them constantly for a variety of uses, from changing diapers to wiping messy faces and sticky hands. Why not try an eco-friendly, natural version? Clearly Herbal® Baby Wipes from Green Hygienics were inspired by parents for parents and their loved ones, both big and small. They are gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin and are specially formulated with the finest natural ingredients, including aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, tea tree oil, and green tea. Clearly Herbal® Baby Wipes are also hypoallergenic and free from any harmful chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, perfumes, chlorine, parabens, and latex.

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BabiesEco-FriendlyHypoallergenicNo alcoholNo chlorineNo harmful chemicalsNo latexNo perfumeNo preservativesNo sodium laureth sulfateParaben freeSensitive skin

Where to Purchase

Green Hygienics products are available at Walgreens, Shoprite, PriceRite, SaveMart, and Gelson’s, and exclusively online at Mama Bear’s Market.


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Almost all of the moms complimented the smell. We loved how tough, yet gentle they were on skin.
- Shana C.

Several of my moms mentioned they like their wipes to be a bit thicker.
- Michele S.

They liked this product greatly, and will purchase this product. So will I. Thank you Moms Meet.
- Rose S.

The strong lavender scent was the biggest hurdle for our group. If they were unscented, most would purchase them.
- Danielle M.

Some of the women thought that the wipes were a little bit too wet. You could squeeze out extra product.
- Mary P.

It was a hit and everyone loved them. They really loved the smell and the overall feel.
- Tatiana W.

The wipes worked great. They smell like men’s aftershave to us though.
- Debbie B.

This was a messy time for diaper changing, and the clearly herbal wipes kept the room fresh and cleansing babies very effective.
- Wendy T.

Everybody liked the wipes with the exception of the fragrance. Most people prefer no scent.
- Sarah T.

We really love these wipes! Sturdy, smell great and great for sensitive skin! Thank you!
- Jennifer F.

My son has very sensitive skin and I have to be careful what I use on him. These baby wipes were great for him.
- Michelle R.

Would be nice If they were thicker.
- Shena G.

At first I was scared of the smell; but when I used the wipes on my son’s skin, it helped with my son’s diaper rash. Ever since I’ve been using the wipes, he has not broken out with the diaper rash. Thank you for letting me try these baby wipes.
- Sharena L.

Love love the baby wipes, the scent is great, and they don’t leave a sticky feeling after using them.
- Cynthia M.

The members were not familiar with these wipes, with the exception of one mom. They really liked them but thought they were a little more expensive than their typical wipes, but overall they thought they were worth it.
- Betsy K.

Some of the moms would like to have a thicker more durable wipe
- Rachel A.

Excellent product that all the moms loved. Very generous sampling and everyone was thrilled to get their wipes. They smell heavenly and we all feel great about the quality ingredients.
- Yasmine A.

My group loved the clearly herbal baby wipes, they were very gentle and had the right amount of moistness and smelled very nice.
- Teresa B.

Wipes are very high quality, liked the softness, smell and quality. Just highly recommend this product for babies well being.
- Jyoti S.

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