Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Cream Cheese

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Do you want to enjoy the delicious taste of cream cheese, without the unpleasant side effects of lactose? Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Cream Cheese is the first lactose-free, real dairy cream cheese on the US market–and it’s organic! Made with a simple, carefully crafted recipe, their lactose-free cream cheese has a superb sweet and tangy flavor with a thick, creamy texture. All Green Valley Organics lactose-free products are ideal for lactose-intolerant people, those with sensitive stomachs, and everyone who loves great-tasting dairy. Thanks to Green Valley Organics, the whole family can enjoy the delicious benefits of real dairy again.

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Where to Purchase

Green Valley Organics products are available at Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Vons, and other natural food stores. To find a retailer near you, visit


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Many mom’s were surprised that this could be real dairy and lactose free, assuming that if it’s dairy it must have lactose in it. They loved the texture but the small container at a higher price turned them off a little, since so many of them shop for the whole family. One member who has just one child with a lactose allergy was very intrigued with this brand.
- Misty M.

I found it extremely difficult to locate the brand in my area.
- Marge A.

The group enjoyed the creamy texture and taste and the fact that the product can be used for adults and kids with Lactose intolerance.
- Sapna V.

Great tasting product, nice fluffy texture, even though most of us do not have a milk intolerance in our households, we would switch to this product because we liked the taste.
- Lauren V.

The consistency was soft and smooth. Easy to spread. It did not have a lot of cheese flavor. It tasted more like sour cream.
- Justina V.

Our group was very excited to be accepted into this sampling. Most members of the group agreed that the consistency of the cream cheese was a little different, but the taste was excellent!
- Robin H.

I did have a difficult time finding the cream cheese and sour cream at Whole Foods. The label is very pretty, but difficult to find next to the brighter labels surrounding it.
- Julie W.

My friends loved to test the green valley organics lactose-free cream cheese and also the kefir. Their children loved kefir and were so impressed with the texture and the taste of the green valley organics lactose free cream cheese that I shared some coupons with them.
- Soumia J.

This was a good lactose free alternative to cream cheese. It did have a little bit of a different taste, but it wasn’t bad at all. All the group members enjoyed it.
- Lor H.

This is such a high quality product! My mom’s and I made a cheesecake with it and it was by far the best we ever had!
- Kelly H.

I didn’t like that the cream cheese seemed to melt upon spreading even though the bread wasn’t toasted, we served our cream cheese on a cucumber sandwich on Dave’s killer Bread, and I felt it didn’t hold up like other thick spreads.
- Jay S.

We were all so impressed with the flavor and texture of the cream cheese. Even though most of us do not have a specific lactose issue, we all plan to buy this product as the ingredients are so simple!
- Anna M.

One of the best lactose free cream cheeses the group has ever tasted. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work!!
- Alex H.

The cream cheese was amazing. My husband used it in a cheese ball for Thanksgiving, and it was so much creamier than Philly.
- Anita R.

Parents were surprised how ‘real’ the Green Valley cream cheese tasted. I made a cheesecake and we served the product on crackers and cucumber slices, everyone loved it!
- Heike T.

My husband himself is lactose free, so he was unable to enjoy many types of dairy like cheese, yogurt, kefir etc. without getting a major stomach disturbance. Now that we’ve come across this one, which is organic, another major attribute we look for in the foods we buy; we are so glad to have come across this brand which tastes good and is lactose free.
- Shija B.

It was difficult to find the cream cheese. Several other stores sold other Green Valley Organics products, but only Whole Foods had the cream cheese. When mixing the cream cheese, the texture was a little thinner than regular cream cheese. It still tasted good though!
- Michelle H.

The kids loved it just as a plain dip for crackers and carrot sticks. There were a couple people that didn’t know it was lactose free when they tried it, and when I told them, they were surprised because they didn’t notice a difference.
- Mindy H.

I love the taste, the ability to use a product everyone can enjoy and not miss out on flavor, texture or taste. The fact that it is lactose free allows all to enjoy.
- Gracie G.

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