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What’s snappenin’? We’ll tell you: There’s about to be a shift in your snack routine! Thanks to Harvest Snaps, you can serve your kids a snack that’s delicious and nutritious. A handful of any Harvest Snaps snacks supplies your family with a good source of protein and dietary fiber. Plus, with six scrumptious flavors to choose from, we guarantee your whole house will be craving veggies. So grab a bag of Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps or Lentil Bean, and start snackin’!

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FiberGluten freeLow fatLow sodiumNon-GMOProtein

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Could use a bite more flavor, a little bland– the lentils taste way better.
- Givenchy A.

Overall I enjoyed my Harvest Snaps sample experience. I felt there were lots of flavor varieties, though some of my group members did not like the spicy ones and wished there were more non-spicy flavors.
- Christina B.

We enjoyed sampling the different flavors. Favorites were the Original and Ranch. Wasabi Ranch and Lentil had mixed reviews.
- Deana O.

Once I received my package, I was very very happy!!! My boys have a new go to snack and I feel almost bad for making them believe it’s a treat when they are good for you. And the taste, so YUMMY!
- Nony F.

The group liked the lightly salted, but they LOVED the other flavors that came with the sampling kit. The tomato was a favorite.
- Jessica I.

My group and I loved the large variety of flavors as well as the original lightly salted. We found them to be perfectly seasoned and were pleasantly surprised at how great they tasted. Our kids enjoyed them just as much if not more. We loved the single serving bags and the calorie content. We also loved that they are gluten free, huge plus due to some of my moms being sensitive to gluten. Our group favorite was tomato basil, hands down! :-)
- Ashley C.

I was surprised to hear all of the different ways our group uses the Harvest Snaps Snappea crisps. Some snacked at their office desk, others sent to school with children. Some use as croutons on salads because they are much more flavorful than a standard bread crouton, and it’s healthier. Others used the product in soups in place of crackers. It’s really a healthy substitute that has more flavor than crackers and croutons.
- Judy M.

My group and I were all unfamiliar with Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps. The love for them was unanimous. Even our picky, non-veggie eaters were each grabbing bags. Big hit!
- Cathy T.

My group generally liked them, the only complaint I heard from parents was that they were a little bland. However the kids all liked them.
- Jen B.

My group loved these crisps! Most of my group members said they would replace potato chips and pretzels as their favorite snack, and they feel less guilty about eating them. They love the texture, the crunch, and the flavor. If you’re looking for a healthier snack, these are the ones to try.
- Kenny B.

Both kids and adults loved them. We wish you carried more varieties that are dairy free as well, because of food allergies. We love that they do not contain wheat, that allows many of the kids to eat them.
- Jessica M.

My group loved this Product, but I had a few comments that they seemed a little too greasy. All of my moms also said that they would like to see healthier oils in the product. Maybe a healthy grapeseed oil. I had 2 comments to reduce the Sodium as well. But overall, great tasting just not super healthy, still a great alternative for regular chips.
- Renee J.

One mom noticed that the snacks had iron in them and was happy to find a snack with iron in it for her daughter. Another mom already knew about Harvest Snaps and loved getting some samples. I served the Snaps at a potluck and the Snaps were the first item to run out.
- Tara P.

The Caesars variety was the all-time favorite!
- Larae D.

My children really liked the caesar, lightly salted, and tomato ones. They thought the ranch one was way too spicy. Even a 10 month old liked the lightly salted ones.
- Margaret P.

Everyone in my group enjoyed the snap peas. All the kids were gobbling them down. It is a better snack to give our kids, and the parents enjoyed them as well. The group loved them because there was also a lot per serving.
- Christine Z.

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