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As moms, we strive to ensure our kids are getting balanced nutrition to support healthy growth and development. Healthy Heights™ Grow Daily Kids 3+ Protein & Nutritional Mix provides everything kids need, and nothing they don’t. Developed by a team of doctors and dieticians, this shake mix is uniquely formulated for children ages 3–9 with the right combination of ingredients to fill nutritional gaps—including 12 grams of protein, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, micro-and macro-nutrients, and only three grams of sugar per serving. What makes this shake unique is that when following our patent with our clinically developed formula, children can experience growth in both height and weight.

Healthy Heights Grow Daily comes in two delicious flavors kids love (Chocolate and Vanilla), as well as Plain, which blends seamlessly into your favorite recipes. Add any flavor of the shake mix to water or milk, or into smoothies, breakfast foods, or baked goods for an added boost of nutrition. With high-quality ingredients and a kid-approved taste, you’ll be helping your favorite little ones develop a healthy relationship with food.

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Blends easilyDeveloped by a team of doctorsExcellent source of proteinGluten freeGood source of calciumGood source of vitamin DGood source of zincGreat for picky eatersHigh-quality ingredients to promote healthy growthNo high-fructose corn syrupNon-GMOOnly 3 grams of added sugar per servingSoy Free

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Healthy Heights Grow Daily is available to purchase exclusively at Save 25% on any Grow Daily products on with promo code MOMS25. Offer expires 1/31/22.


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