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We know moms never get to take a “sick day.” So here’s something we know will help you get through this cold and flu season: Reboost™ Nasal Spray is a homeopathic decongestion spray that contains natural ingredients* and relieves minor nasal symptoms including, nasal congestion, sinus headache & pressure and cold/flu nasal symptoms. Reboost™ Nasal Spray is not habit-forming or addictive, and doesn’t contain ingredients known to cause drowsiness and rebound effect giving it an impressive safety profile. Try Reboost™ so you can go back to being yourself–supermom!

HomeopathicNon-addictiveNon-drowsyNonhabit forming

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Find Reboost™ Nasal Spray in the natural section of health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, and Vitamin Cottage. It’s also available online on Amazon.com, swansonvitamins.com, and iherb.com.


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What impressed me was not only did it work for me, BUT my mom who hates everything loved this stuff!
- Patricia R.

My mom did not like having to squirt something up her nose.
- Stephanie H.

It works well for the kids and we love the fact that it’s safe, but some of us moms found that it didn’t work as well for us.
- Angela K.

Personally, I have been using different nasal sprays for many years. I have never tried Reboost nasal spray before this sample experience. I will definitely now be using Reboost Nasal Spray.
- Angela C.

Awesome sampling, especially with the cold season around the corner. My mom’s love any excuse to get together and make memories. Thanks for the opportunity Moms Meet and the Reboost product line.
- Liz T.

I absolutely love this product and so do my kids…there is no nasty taste in their mouth after spraying it into their noses.
- Loren C.

Members commented how their nasal passages don’t hurt or dry out too much after using this spray, it is effective but not overpowering. Natural is important. The dissolving pain reliever I received as a gift also works great – it’s nice not to have to swallow pills.
- Emma B.

I love that this product is natural and easy to use.
- Nichole C.

I tried it when I was sick and developed a pretty severe migraine when using it. I discontinued the product after 12 hours. My husband used it and didn’t have any problems.
- Rachelle T.

Every single adult who attended my meeting was impressed with the Reboost nasal spray. The most common comment was ‘this is better than my usual spray’. I personally love the Reboost and even took it on a trip.
- Pat P.

I personally suffer from really bad allergy headaches because of congestion. I have not had one headache since using this product. I’m a buyer for life!
- Becky G.

It worked awesomely fast to open my airways and ease the sinus pain. I love it and how it is all natural. I have totally recommended it to all who say anything to me about their sinuses.
- Amy K.

Love and trust the brand but i was one of many who found it ineffective.
- Tovah G.

It was a great product. It worked wonders to clear up runny noses.
- Joy B.

My group noticed that the reboost does not sting when spraying in nostrils and doesn’t dry up mucus membranes when we used it. It has a soothing and effective all natural solution in it and we love that.
- Mikki G.

A few didn’t like the fact that they needed to re-use it after 5 hours. There other nasal sprays can be used twice a day and works during that time.
- Renee H.

It didn’t work very well.
- Betheny P.

My nose was very dry and since using Reboost my nose hasn’t been dry. I love it!
- Tabitha C.

Most of us in my group have children under 13 and were extremely happy to have a decongestant spray without harsh drugs or chemicals and not in pill form, very easy to give to our children. Thank you so very much!
- Korbi D.

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