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When it comes to feeding baby, parents want close to homemade. That’s why Heinz is introducing HEINZ BY NATURE™ certified organic baby pouches. Their pouches are made with natural ingredients with acerola cherry, meaning they are free from added salt and sugar, as well as artificial preservatives.

Made using simple processes, such as washing chopping, heating and pureeing, their foods are crafted with the highest standards. They come in convenient pouches and are available in  single flavour profiles such as Pear and Prune, and multiple flavour profiles such as Blueberry, Apple & Oat and Pear, Sweet Potato & Plum. They are a tasty premade option you can feel good about feeding your baby!

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NaturalNo added sugarsNo artificial colorsNo artificial flavorsOrganic ingredients

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HEINZ BY NATURE products are available to purchase across major grocery stores and available at Amazon.ca in Canada.

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Canadian residents: HEINZ BY NATURE™ Baby Purée pouches are available on Amazon.ca! Click here or visit https://momsmeet.link/heinzamzn

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