HONCHOS organic flavored tortilla chips

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Deep River Snacks, HONCHOS™ organic flavored tortilla chips were created by a dad on a mission! Founder Jim Goldberg spent 5 ½ years developing HONCHOS after realizing that his autistic son wasn’t able to enjoy the same chips as his friends. Artificial dyes can be especially problematic for kids on the spectrum, but the CSPI estimates that over half a million kids in the US suffer adverse behavioral reactions from food dyes! With all of the flavor of those ‘itos, but none of the fake stuff, HONCHOS are a snack that everyone can feel good about. What’s more, HONCHOS donates 10% of profits to charity.

Gluten freeNo artificial colorsNo artificial flavorsNo artificial preservativesNo MSGOrganic

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HONCHOS™ products are available at Kroger, Big Y, and Amazon. To find a store near you, visit the “Find Us” section on wehonchos.com.

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