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HONEST KIDS® pouches are a delicious, lower-sugar drink option perfect for active on-the-go kids. With only 1/2 the sugar of the leading kids drinks*, HONEST KIDS is a great tasting alternative to other sugar-laden beverages. For 2013, HONEST KIDS is excited to introduce a new ‘Sweetened only with fruit juice’ recipe! All five varieties have been updated by removing the organic cane sugar and increasing the juice content. Plus, since HONEST KIDS is never made with GMOs, gluten or high-fructose corn syrup—you can trust it for your family.

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Gluten freeLow sugarNo high-fructose corn syrupNon-GMOOrganicVitamin C

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HONEST TEA is available at major retailers nationwide including Target®, Stop & Shop®, Publix®, Safeway® and Whole Foods Market®.


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Some of the children commented that the juice tasted too watery, some didn’t care for the flavors. The younger kids seemed to like it more than the older ones. One child said he could tell it was healthy for him and might be good to drink when he is sick. The kids liked the lip gloss gift.
- Jennifer D.

Some of the kids enjoyed the drinks but some of them didn’t. They said it wasn’t sweet enough but I thought they had a great taste, something to get used too.
- Amanda C.

All of my group members loved the Honest Kids juice pouches. The kids LOVED them. Most of them wished that they were a bit less expensive & more comparable to the other brands of pouches they purchase {which also are low in sugar, but not organic}. Most of them said they usually pay $2 -$2.50 for a box of pouches, the Honest Juice was closer to $4.00 for a box. We were all very pleased that they did not contain high fructose corn syrup too. I think I’ve got them all watching out for that in all of the products they purchase from now on!!! We loved the lip gloss sticks & hand sanitizers as well. Wish the Honest brand was available at more stores in our area {aka Piggly Wiggly & Festival Foods – Green Bay} instead of just Woodman’s. Great sampling opportunity though! Thank you!
- Sara B.

This was a great chance to show the moms and kids I know, that organic and healthy can be a wonderful thing :).
- Amy B.

Many of the kids were unable to open the pouches on their own…sometimes as a busy mom you just need to hand them a juice pouch, kinda defeats the purpose when you have to struggle to get it open.
- Susan B.

It was a fun treat for kids…They enjoyed the variety of flavors offered by honest juices…Even their moms liked it too because of it being organic, as well as low in calories and sugar…It was an enjoyable get together with honest kids juices.
- Seema A.

All the kids in my group along with the adults really loved this juice… We also found it in a large jug as well as the juice boxes, which some of the moms in my group really liked.. The taste was great! Thanks for letting me host this sampling opportunity!
- Kimberly W.

For some reason, the grape flavor was not a big hit with the 18 girls in my Girl Scout troop. They asked for grape and didn’t like it, so i had to give them a new flavor. Everyone who tried the pink lemonade liked it. They all loved the hand sanitizers and lip glosses.
- Jill S.

I was amazed at how well the kids liked these drink pouches! Even one of our 2 year olds liked the lemonade one! These are amazing juice pouches and very reasonably priced as well! We had a blast!
- Allyson T.

We loved the juice pouches! Our only complaint was that they are difficult to poke the straw through. We liked the Berry Lemonade the best!
- LeAnne C.

Our group was extremely interested in this product. After reviewing and of course having the ‘taste test’, it proved to be a success! Both parents and kids liked the juice and the gifts sent to our group. We can’t wait to get together again and try a new product. Thanks Mom Meet.
- Deborah B.

The juices were a bit lacking in flavor for some of the childrens taste.Could be more flavored.
- Melissa C.

The kids loved the juice and couldn’t get enough of it.
- Jules K.

We had a great time and the kids loved the juice, it took a little getting used to for the ones who liked the unhealthy stuff, but after snack time they all became very happy with the juice.
- Tatiana P.

I personally love the flavor and enjoy that it is not syrupy sweet like most juices, plus it is a refreshing drink on a hot day. And the bonus of my 3 year old wanting more as soon as she had finished the first one!
- Lauren P.

The kids loved the taste and the mothers enjoyed the nutrition.
- Sherry L.

Very difficult to find! I found in a different state while traveling!
- Judy R.
Kids loved the juice, and so did moms, as it is non-GMO and sweetened with the real fruit juice.
- Lana K.

We loved that this is a natural and safe product for our kids, but is still affordable.
- Leslie F.

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