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Horizon Super Squeeze is a convenient, on-the-go snack, made with a creamy blend of wholesome, organic milk and real fruit. Horizon’s easy-squeezy pouches come in three yummy flavors—Mixed Berry, Orange, and Strawberry—and serve up 5 grams of protein and an excellent source of calcium. With a delicious taste that kids love and simple, recognizable ingredients that parents love even more, Horizon Super Squeeze is sure to become a snack time favorite in your household.

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CalciumNo artificial colors or flavorsNo preservativesNon-GMOOrganicProtein

Where to Purchase

Horizon products are sold at A&P, Bozzutos, Food City Knox, Harris Teeter, HyVee, Meijer, Albertsons, Raley’s, Safeway, Save Mart, Kroger, Dillons, Fry’s, Smith’s, Target Super Center/Pfresh, and Shoprite. To find a retailer near you, visit horizondairy.com/store-locator.


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It was hard to find in the store and my kids didn’t care for it. But others in group did!!
- Jayne Z.

Our group LOVED the variety of flavors. Each child that sampled the pouches loved to get to taste-test several of the flavors. The packaging was easy and kid friendly. Our only concern was the price and how some kids reported a bitter flavor.
- Liz B.

We had just had the opportunity to sample a pouch yogurt product marketed to kids. The Super Squeeze pouches were the hands down winner. EVERYONE loved the taste and agreed that if they could be bought for a good price, they would purchase them. The product was tasty and didn’t have to be stored in the refrigerator. We love this product!
- Beth F.

Kids did not love the Orange flavored pouches.
- KM

The children really liked the pouches a lot. However, some of the moms thought the yogurt was too thick … but I think that’s because we’re used to the lower fat yogurts that we personally eat.
- Michelle B.

We absolutely loved this product ! It was very wonderful, tasty, and convenient. The kids also commented on how they really liked the packaging colors.
- Mardy L.

Many were very surprised that the pouches tasted good with them being healthy and organic.
- Sahantel R.

Kind of pricey.
- Regina B.

Some of the kids as well as adults did not care for the orange yogurt, it had a grainy texture so the kids did not want to try it again.
- Amber M.

The kids absolutely loved it! The moms really loved that it was a dairy snack. Most on the go dairy snacks are full of sugar, and they were excited that this one wasn’t.
- Melissa B.

It was a wonderful sharing opportunity! Everyone loved the pouches, even my one year old! They have officially entered our snack rotation!
- Jennifer S.

The children loved the berry flavors. They couldn’t get enough. All of the children (ages 2-10) enjoyed the squeezable pouch. The orange did not go over well at all. In fact, at least 3 orange pouches were thrown away unopened because the children really did not like them. We couldn’t convince them to eat them.
- Jessica S.

My group (and my entire family) loved the Horizon Super Squeeze Pouches! Everyone felt they had a really nice texture, taste and the convenience was fantastic!
- Karenann S.

Majority of kids said that the berry mix was sour tasting to them.
- Roxana

The kids who sampled it loved all the flavors, especially the mixed berry burst, but they were not too excited with the orange blast flavor. One kid who loves to eat orange by itself told us that it was too orangey. I love the fact that it’s an organic, healthy, delicious food with real fruit and is very convenient for on-the-go meals. Good job Horizon!!
- Shija B.

The sampling kit was very generous. There were so many samples, so we weren’t limited, everyone got to try it all. The coupons were an incredible perk!! Most of the children found the mixed berry flavor to be a bit tart. I apologize for my late response. We had a few sick kids and had to reschedule our initial meeting.
- Jennette A.

Most of the mom’s in our group have seen the brand Horizon in the milk section. They didn’t know they had other products to offer and they were thrilled to try it knowing Horizon’s reputation as a great brand.
- Michelle S.

The coupons and pouches were a hit. The information changed how some mom’s viewed the brand. We had fun and learned a lot! And the kids LOVED the pouches!
- Alyssa M.

The strawberry was the best flavors as per the kids who tried it- it was just the right sweetness and the flavor was very palatable. The mixed berry was the 2nd best- however the kids and parents agreed that the orange had a very sour note to it and the kids did not really like it– almost like a medicinal taste to it. Overall the samples and the gift was really wonderful.
- Givenchy A.

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