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Tired of feeling like your home is coated in dry heat? There’s a simple and chic solution: the Humio® Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with built-in Night Lamp and Aroma Oil compartment. This device quietly adds moisture to dry air, while consuming less power than a light bulb—plus its elegant design blends into the décor of any room in your home. Humio can cover a span of up to 100 square feet, and when used as a night lamp, it can stream a sequence of vibrant colors without generating heat or using excess energy. Unlike traditional vaporizers that boil water and release steam, making a room feel muggy, Humio releases a comfortable cool mist. This humidifier is safe, easy to use, and simple to maintain. The best part? Humio does not require filter changes, which saves you money. Another big bonus, is that you’ll no longer need to invest in costly and toxic air fresheners for your home. Humio has a built-in Aroma Oil compartment that can release the fragrances of natural oils into the air.

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Aromatherapy optionCool mistDoes not require replacement filtersSilent

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Everyone was thrilled with the beautiful soft night lights on the Humio. I think the most popular and most liked feature of all though is that it does not get hot so the children were able to get close to it without any danger of burns. I think everyone wished that the coupon for the 20% off had a longer expiration date though. A couple of people wanted to buy it but the coupon had to be used by February. Overall, the Humio was a huge hit though! :)
- Lori T.

Does not last 10 hours.
- Vicky N.

Initially, we had a smaller group to try out the Humio with a few group demos, but the rest of the group were given a verbal description, coupon code, and video demonstration. The group overall was really impressed with the overall functionality and design of the Humio. The children really enjoyed the color changes and the fact that they could smell the lavender. It was an all in one hit. Many of the moms were impressed with the functionality, but we’re hoping the price would be a little bit less, even with the use of the coupon code. One of the moms indicated that she would recommend the buttons to feel sturdier. Many of the moms indicated if the price was less they would be more likely to purchase the item without a thought. Thank you for allowing our group to test out this great product. I purchased the item and have used it several times throughout the testing period. We love it!!! Thank you again.
- Nicole V.

The Humio was a BIG hit with my group. I even had friends calling me that had heard about it through my group members. I know two made purchases & many more had intentions to in the near future. The coupon was a great incentive.
- Cathy T.

I have had several other humidifiers in the past, the Humio is by far the best humidifier I’ve ever owned. I love that it has a special compartment for essential oils.
- Rebecca K.

This product is phenomenal. It has made such a difference with my son’s cold symptoms and being able to breathe more easily. The group members were so impressed by the aroma oil compartment. I am thrilled to be an ambassador for such an amazing product.
- Clarissa W.

I think the product is very expensive for you get. I am disappointed that I purchased the humidifier.
- Amy

I happen to enjoy the Humio humidifier. I agree with the group that it is expensive, especially when compared to a unit on the shelves at the local store. I’m not sure that the added feature of the oil aroma compartment is enough to get my moms to buy a new unit at this time. Several of them, though, did seem interested in purchasing the unit, and other items in the catalog that I gave out.
- Lisa H.

Personally, I really like the humidifier. A bit pricey, but I do like the aroma oil compartment as I use a lot of essential oils in the home. The majority of my group said they liked the humidifier, but may not purchase due to cost.
- Erin H.

This was a great way to introduce aroma therapy to our group! A lot of us have been wondering about these devices, but could never actually find one in person to see how it worked. Everyone loves the product, mainly size and price of the product is an issue.
- Elizabeth M.

This was a wonderful, hands-on approach to sampling the benefits of the Humio Humidifier. Moms really enjoyed the sampling of this product in my living room, and the oil compartment was a huge selling point for the moms in the group. Thank you for the opportunity to sample such wonderful, family friendly products that moms can trust.
- Shelley B.

My boys (ages 8 and 6) were very excited to show everyone how ‘their’ humidifier works. It is set up in their bedroom. We love the fact that it doubles as a night light. The color changing effect was deemed ‘very cool’ by all the kids at the meet-up. We have radiator heat upstairs and it is very hot and dry in all the rooms except the room with the Humio. There is an obvious difference in air quality. Some moms commented that they like the sound it makes. Very quiet motor and a gentle trickling water sound. I hope to purchase at least one more in the future for another bedroom.
- Lisa C.

The price I got it for was great,but most people are not going to pay that price.
- Debby B.

We love the design. A lot of the moms are sci-fi fan and love the futuristic look.
- Cora W.

Love the scents that it came with, they’re super awesome. Even our family dog enjoys the sweet scents.
- Theresa R.

It was such a nice touch to include the samples of essential oils so that I could demonstrate them to the moms! They LOVED that feature, and became very interested after I demonstrated that working! The LED colored lights were also a huge hit!
- Terrie T.

I love the humidifier. I use it in my 3 year old’s room, he loves the light and how it changes color. I love how long it lasts, the strong mist, ease of use and cleaning, and the oil compartment!
- Lissa M.

I love my Humio, but just two days ago it started to leak and I was a little bummed. I had gotten so used to sleeping with it on that I forgot how uncomfortable it can be to wake up with a dry throat or nose in the middle of the night! I am not sure who I would contact about the leak, so I will start with the kiwi shop, and hopefully they can help me. I need my Humio back!! Peppermint oil in the living room in the daytime and lavender oil in my room at night, it’s wonderful! I actually want to buy another one, but I want this one fixed. Thanks for the sampling opportunity, you introduced me to one great product!
- Sonja C.

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