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If you’ve got a four-legged friend, we already know you treat them like family! Which means you probably want to make sure they’re eating as well as your kids. Enter “I and love and you”, they’re the pet food people with an eye for wellness and happiness. Their team created a line of food, treats, and chews perfect for Fido, and each of these products puts nutrition first. Their Nude Food Kibble is the ultimate food for your dog because it’s grain free and has ingredients that support their digestive health. The first ingredient in every package is real meat, and you’ll also find real fruit and veggies inside each bag. Plus the formula is always approved by the “I and love and you” holistic veterinarian. So forget food made with artificial fillers, opt for a formula that shows your pet how much you love them—with the help of “I and love and you”.

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Digestive enzymesGrain freeLow glycemicNaturalPetsPrebioticsProbioticsProtein-rich

Where to Purchase

“I and love and you” products are sold at Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, City Market, Quality Food Centers, select Whole Food Markets, Sprouts, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, New Seasons Market, Earth Fare, and variety of independent natural stores. To find a store near you visit iandloveandyou.com/where-to-buy/.


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Had a wonderful time together with my family and friends sharing the all new ‘I and love and you’ products that I received in the mail free from greenmomsmeet.com. Everyone, including their pets, were excited to have received a sample pack for their pets to try. It was really a fun day. The proud parents of these sweet animals were so happy with the ingredients that we found that the products were comprised of. Needless to say, their dogs all loved those Kibbles! If they could talk, I’m sure they would have commented as well. Just the licks and frolicking was enough said for us ! I passed out the coupons and everyone was happy to receive them, also. Thank you for allowing my group to review this product!
- Carol Y.

My dog didn’t like the food.
- Carrie R.

Everyone’s dogs loved the samples. We met at the beach and had a very fun day with all the dogs, energized after having their samples. I also passed out coupons to other dog owners who were at the beach with their dogs. My dog usually will not eat kibble without canned food added, but this kibble he ate plain and loved it.
- Linda M.

I shared all my sample bags of dog food and gave out all my coupons. Since the party, I have purchased more bags of this type of food and my friends and family have also used their coupons. Since my dogs have been eating this food, their coat and eyes look so much brighter. They have really put on the weight for this winter, too. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this great food with everyone. It has been a blessing for my dogs.
- Patricia H.

My dogs and other dogs LOVED this food, the people in my party didn’t want to be apart of the photos. I took some of my dogs and they could smell it through the box! They know when they get mail and are so excited! I am now an I and Love and You pet food and treats buyer for life! My dogs loved the treats and wet food! They love the dry food, too, but had a special place in their hearts for the treats and wet food! I can’t wait to keep buying these foods! Thanks for the sampling party goods! My dogs say thank you, too!
- Elisha B.

Most of the dogs seemed to like the food, however they all had tummy issues, gas, and diarrhea.
- Susan D.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! The group members (and our furry babies) loved the food and treats! They were so happy about the coupons as well.
- Clare B.

I thought the sampling kit and webinar were excellent. My dogs ate the food without hesitation, but one of my dogs have extreme difficulty digesting it. Although, I introduced the food change gradually, as recommended, my 1 year old dog did not do well with this product. My 9 year old dog initially had digestion issues, but after two weeks he was fine. Other group members experienced similar digestion issues with their dogs that never resolved. It seems that the smaller dogs had more difficulty adjusting to the high protein food than the middle and large size dogs. However, it may not be fair to make such a statement since most group members have dogs under 20 lbs. and only two members have dogs over 40 lbs.
- Rondelle J.

Some of the dogs refused to eat it. Seemed that the smaller dogs turned their noses to it while the bigger breeds ate it no problem.
- Siobhan B.

The dogs absolutely loved it! I’ve never seen my dog (Zoey) so excited about food ever. Even though it’s pricier, my dog deserves the best. In my opinion, and in others, that’s exactly what this is! Most of us probably wouldn’t have switched without the samples and literature, so this was great and I would like to do it again. I might ask to pass out samples throughout my day to day life and get email addresses for feedback. They now have me as a spokesperson and many others, so this was a huge success! I went on other websites and showed my group and compared (and learned a lot as well) the ingredients and this product wins the best dog food award.
- Jewels M.

Dog’s loved it but we owner’s didn’t like the price.
- Kristen P.

Our group loved the food kibble. Many wish it was more readily available where they shop.
- Joana M.

Really liked the heart shape of the dog food, I know my dog doesn’t care, but I feel like I am feeding him love.
- Melissa U.

I would like to highly commend ‘I and love and you’ on the taste of their food. My dog even did tricks for it, thinking it was a treat. If the price wasn’t outrageous, this would be the product everyone agreed they would purchase for their dogs. Every group member absolutely loved the product (at least…their dogs did). Most of my group members use natural dog food for their dogs and know natural food is going to be a higher cost. Sadly, the price of this food was higher by a much larger margin. Two of the members joked about going in on a bag of food for a healthier treat option (maybe?). The rawhide bones included in the kit were a hit with the dogs, but the smell was pretty hard to take for the humans.
- Karrie K.

Great product! Group loved the ingredients & nutritional value for their fur babies. They will be purchasing in the near future!
- Deanna R.

Most of my mom’s in my group make their own dog food because it is hard to find natural ingredients. My moms loved this product and are going to switch between the ‘I and love and you’ food with their homemade food.
- Karen B.

The kit was wonderful and the group loved it. They enjoyed the products, but many of them felt the product was very expensive.
- Teresa M.

My dog (along with some others in the group) refused to eat their original food.. I even waited two days and they STILL refused their food. They only preferred the ‘I and love and you’. Luckily, we had it in the pet store nearby and she ate it like crazy.
- Jessica D.

Most of our dogs went crazy for the food. I know I will be buying it again for mine. I hope that someday it will be available at PetSmart, but I have found it at Fred Meyer, a place I also shop frequently.
- Nadine G.

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