Jiminy’s Sweet Potato & Peas Soft & Chewy Training Treats

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As a member of your family, your dog deserves healthy, sustainable, and delicious food. Whether you’re training your pup or looking for a healthier snack, Jiminy’s Sweet Potato & Peas Soft & Chewy Training Treats are the perfect choice.  These three-calorie treats contain wholesome ingredients like sweet potato, peas, oats, and crickets, which are a natural superfood and a humane and sustainable alternative to animal protein. Crickets use exponentially less land, water, and feed than traditional protein sources, and they emit far fewer greenhouse gases. They also pack a nutritious punch: high in fiber, iron, healthy omegas, vitamins, and taurine (an amino acid that helps support your dog’s eyes, reproduction, digestion, and heart function). Reward your dog with a treat that is good for them and good for the environment – each six-ounce package saves 220 gallons of water!

Check out Jiminy’s Eco-Calculator to see how much land, water, and greenhouse gases you and your dog can save by switching dog food.

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and savorychewyContains taurineCorn freeCricket proteinHigh in fiberHigh in ironHigh in proteinHumane and sustainableHypoallergenicLess than 3 calories per treatNo fillersSoftSoy FreeWheat free

Where to Purchase

Jiminy’s Sweet Potato & Peas Soft & Chewy Training Treats are available to purchase at select PetCo stores and are available online at jiminys.com, petco.com, amazon.com, and chewy.com. To find a store near you, visit jiminys.com/locations.


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