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We know you’re constantly looking to serve your family healthier meals, so join us in discovering Just BARE chicken. It’s poultry, the simple way. Confidently serve your families this quality chicken, which is traceable back to the family farm where it was raised. The brand’s assortment of fresh, frozen, and deli products are even American Humane Certified®.

NaturalNo added hormonesNo added steroidsNo additivesNo antibioticsNo preservatives

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Just BARE® chicken is available nationwide. To find a store located near you, visit justbarechicken.com/where-to-buy.


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My sampling meeting went well as always. The kids and mothers loved the chicken. The taste is not the same as eating fasters chicken. Thank you for giving my group and I the opportunity to sample Just Bare chicken.
- Carla M.

Hard to find in stores.
- Courtney R.

We had a fajita lunch party. The kids LOVED the chicken, even the babies had fun eating bits of chicken.
- Eva E.

Two, fresh out of the oven, Just Bare Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. I brined them in an herb and garlic brine prior to baking. They were tender, juicy, and delicious. I also cooked boneless/skinless thighs. I marinated them in a honey lemon garlic marinade. They were amazing!
- Laura C.

Everyone loved the BARE Chicken! I think the dog loved it the most – she kept stealing chicken from the little kids! All the kids said it was really yummy chicken!
- Missy R.

I purchased my chicken at Target. I cut it up and used a Kraft recipe makers meal kit with it. The chicken was delicious, my friends and family all loved it. Even my little 11 month old niece gobbled it down. Adults and kids alike enjoyed it. I did leave some pieces plain for the kids and adults to fully enjoy just the taste of the chicken.
- Carol N.

Flavor not good and price too high.
- Karina C.

We showcased the chicken lightly seasoned with a side of veggies. Even the kids loved it!
- Kristin H.

I was so very impressed (and so was my group) with the taste of Just Bare chicken. It was the most amazing chicken I have ever eaten. We had a wonderful time sampling this product.
- Jennie B.

Just Bare chicken greatly impressed our group. Not only was it delicious in the recipes we made, but how incredibly healthy and natural it is. It greatly appealed to our moms who are determined to serving their families only the best. It’s a product we would all definitely recommend.
- Brittnie V.

Just BARE chicken was fantastic. The chicken tasted fresh, natural, and everyone in my group loved it. Knowing that the chicken was pure and natural left my group feeling great. It made them realize the huge difference having an all natural product makes.
- Mona S.

It was great tasting, just too expensive to buy regularly.
- Maria R.

Just Bare chicken surprised me very much. We used to buy Coleman organic chicken at Costco because the price is good there. Now that our family have tried Just Bare chicken, this is going to change. Just Bare chicken is rather expensive for us, to tell the truth, but, it is so much better that this other brand. Personally, I was most impressed with the quality of the chicken. When I opened the package, my reaction was – how do you make such beautiful chicken? It is not all wet as most brands come, it has a beautiful color, a good smell, and the taste is something special!
- Anna B.

It wasn’t well trimmed, there was fat and veins. For the price, I would think it would have been a bit more ready to cook.
- Heather A.

Even though the chicken was very expensive, it was a beautiful cut of meat. I literally had to trim NOTHING from the breast, and it was a perfect thin cut.
- Angela H.

The product did not keep fresh in the fridge.
- Jin.

This was a fun sampling. The only setback that I had was finding it in store. It wasn’t available at target, like the website said, so I actually had to drive to Oregon and find it. I’m happy I was able to find it. We had delicious chicken breasts and followed the recipe card that was enclosed. It was tender, juicy, and yummy. I felt good about serving it since it’s all natural with no additives or hormones, which is very important.
- Yolonda M.

It did not shrink like the regular store bought chicken does. It stayed moist as well!
- Susan B.

The chicken itself was great. Unfortunately, I had to do a google search to find a store that sold it, because the grocery stores I normally shop at (Safeway, QFC, and Fred Meyer) did not carry it. I had to go to Target to get the chicken. It would be nice if it was offered in more stores, as I do not shop at Target for groceries normally.
- Danita R.

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