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Does your little one suffer from colic, constipation, congestion, digestive discomfort, or eczema related to cow milk sensitivity? KABRITA Goat Milk Formula is made with naturally easy to digest goat milk, which is closer in composition to human milk than cow milk. It moves through the body at about the same rate as breast milk, resulting in less digestive discomfort sometimes caused by the ‘churn’ of breaking down larger proteins. In addition to being naturally easy to digest, KABRITA Goat Milk formula is non-GMO and has a mild, sweet and fresh taste and smell. It is a safe, effective and nutritious alternative to homemade goat milk formula recipes. Nutritionally enhanced goat milk formula with 22 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, DHA, ARA, and iron

No added colorsNo artificial flavorsNo hormonesNo pesticidesNon-GMO

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Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt & Fruit is available for purchase at Sprouts, select Whole Foods Market, Meijer, Kings Market, Harmons, Gelsons, Wegmans, Central Market, Lassens, diapers.com, amazon.com and kabritausa.com.


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I found this sampling very fun because it was filled with USEFUL information about formula and cow-milk alternatives. It generated A LOT of discussion!
- Jennifer W.

I didn’t feel that it mixed very well, at least not as well as the soy that I had been preparing for my daughter, but that’s the only ‘complaint’ I have.
- Rachel P.

We had several children who tried the different flavors of yogurt. By far, the kids loved the banana vanilla bean flavored yogurt.
- Kerri D.

Most of the moms and children enjoyed the taste of the formula and moms were surprised there was no strong smell. The fruit and yogurt snacks were not a huge hit with the children they thought the taste of goat milk was too strong. The kids had a great time coloring and comparing their pictures.
- Martha V.

What a great meeting we had! I love this product because my daughter is allergic to cow’s milk!
- Nicole M.

The Kabrita Goat Milk products were an interesting sampling because most people had not tried goat milk and were very hesitant about giving it to their toddlers. We are so used to cow’s milk that trying this product for some they were automatically turned off. After they were introduced to the product and benefits some were willing to try it. Some were still not interested in giving it to their kids.
- April E.

The children absolutely loved the coloring page! My group really liked the idea of a goat milk toddler formula. One of the toddlers, mine, for some reason, spits up after drinking it even though we have used goat milk powder and goat milk while he was an infant. I’m not sure why this was the case. All the toddlers liked the taste, drank it with no problem at all. My older kids really enjoyed the yogurt pouches too! Thanks.
- Rebecca S.

My group’s kids loved Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula! I added it to my son’s diet he absolutely loves it!!! The yogurt is delicious, too. I recommend to all my family and Facebook friends.
- Laura A.

My son didn’t really care for kabrita goats milk, but i did give it to a few mothers whose children have a milk intolerance.
- Yadira Z.

I loved having this alternative formula to try with my son. He actually liked it, as did my group of mommas. It was great for the few of us that have issues with gas and cow’s milk tolerance.
- Lindamar M.

All the group, 100% of them liked this product. This was very surprising to me because not one person did not like it. Only thing was some thought the price was very high.
- Shawntina A.

It was great to get to know and try this product. My group of moms had never heard of it, but the children loved the taste and the moms just love that it helps sensitive tummies and that it’s a natural product.
- Hendrika V.

This was a great sampling. No one in my group had heard of this brand before. We loved the coloring pages for the kids. What an excellent touch. It kept the kids organized and busy while the moms got to discuss the product. A lot of our group has children with a lactose intolerance. Then, there are the moms who prefer to not give their children milk at all for dietary reasons. This went over very well. We all like that this is a no brainer way to get the nutrition our children need. I love this because it is so hard with my son (he can’t have milk) to find anything easy to give him. Our group is very happy that this brand is available and can’t wait to try everything in the line. Thank you for providing us an easy natural way to nourish our kids!
- Donna V.

The smell is a little too strong.
- Ivy P.

I couldn’t use it for my own children, as they didn’t fit the age bracket, but the women in my group with children that age absolutely loved it. One of them had a child who still couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk at 1 1/2 years old and had no idea there was a product like this on the market. It really was easy for her child to digest.
- Christine S.

We all really enjoyed getting together and sampling this product. I made a large batch of this formula and filled party cups halfway. Both the kids and the mothers enjoyed sampling the formula. The kids enjoyed the taste and the mothers compared the taste and consistency to that of breast milk. It is very important for us to provide our children with the proper nutrition, and my entire group agreed that we would all truly benefit by adding this to our kids’ daily diets.
- Victoria

Lot of the children just did not like the taste.
- Maiya S.

Great taste that is awesome for delicate tummies and those with cow milk sensitivities. It was a hit with our group.
- Fran D.

My daughter absolutely loves this formula-which is fantastic, because she is a very picky eater. She has had problems with cow milk products, which is fine with me, because I don’t see much benefit in drinking cow’s milk anyhow. A lot of of the mom’s in our group, including myself, have decided to completely switch our choice of formula to Kabrita after being allowed to try it out! The only problem we had with this product is that the only place we could find it is at Whole Foods, which is quite a distance from where we live. I would like to see it available in regular grocery stores, if at all possible. Also, the coupons helped out, but the price is still a bit daunting for some of the mom’s in our group.
- Kaliaunna B.

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