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Are you looking for a yummy healthy snack for your toddler that also meets their nutritional needs? Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit is made with naturally easy to digest goat milk, making it gentle on little tummies. They’re an especially good choice for children with cow milk intolerance*. Available in three delicious, toddler-approved flavors, Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit is enriched with vitamins D, C and E. In addition to being easier to digest, Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit is also non-GMO Project Verified and free from hormones, pesticides, added colors, and artificial flavors.

No added colorsNo artificial flavorsNo hormonesNo pesticidesNon-GMOVitamin CVitamin DVitamin E

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Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt & Fruit is available for purchase at Sprouts, select Whole Foods Market, Meijer, Kings Market, Harmons, Gelsons, Wegmans, Central Market, Lassens, diapers.com, amazon.com and kabritausa.com.


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Although Kabrita Goat Milk pouches are convenient, attractive and organic, many of the members weren’t too excited about the taste and feel of the yogurt.
- Romilla P.

The Kabrita yogurt sampling meeting was a huge Success! A lot of my guests enjoyed the mango and banana with vanilla bean yogurts the best. We will definitely be purchasing these yogurts.
- Asmara M.

We loved trying our sample kit with our friends! The favorite flavor of the day was the banana vanilla bean!! The kids had a ball coloring as well!! We had a blast with this one!!!
- Amanda S.

We had a great time sampling the yogurt, we decided to do it outdoors since it was a beautiful day. The kids had fun playing together and it was easy for them to enjoy the pouches while still playing.
- Stacy C.

Great product! Our children were in love. A little expensive to add to our regular snack time was the general consensus, but definitely something we will purchase in the future and the coupons will help!
- Jennifer M.

My toddler is 13 months and loves Kabrita! I wondered why it says for 2 and up but I give it to him anyways, because he is allergic to dairy and soy, but can tolerate Kabrita ! It is very expensive, so that will be an issue with how often we can afford it, due to our budget. Also it is not available in any of the stores in our area. My group members were impressed with the taste and the kids liked it too!
- Laurel K.

The goat milk flavor was a bit too strong for our kids. They thought it tasted “funny.” It would be a good suggestion for friends who are used to goat’s milk to try. Most of the dairy allergy kids we know do not drink goat’s milk.
- Debi B.

We absolutely loved these — both the adults and the kids. What we don’t love is the price. Our local Whole Foods sells these for $2.99 per pouch. That’s just way too expensive. I’m doing some searching to see if we can find it cheaper. We’d buy this all the time if it were cheaper.
- Michelle C.

Some moms were concerned about the typical goat taste in the yogurt as in goat cheese. But it was a surprise that the yogurt didn’t smell goaty at all. The Mango Peach was a hit in our group. Most of the moms felt that the product is expensive, but the coupon would definitely encourage them to buy the product.
- Tina D.

We were pleasantly surprised how delicious they were, and all of the kids really enjoyed them, even the picky eaters!!!
- Rachel A.

Everyone was surprised at the taste of the yogurt. One of the moms voiced that she thought goat would taste ‘gamey’ despite having never tried a goat product. She was pleasantly surprised to see her daughter eat the yogurt right up.
- Barbara C.

Did not think the product was sweet enough.
- Christina P.

My group loved this. I mean out of the 20 people i sampled it with…maybe 2 didn’t like it…but that was only because they do not really care for goat milk! I think this is an amazing product, and will continue to talk and promote this easy on the belly yogurt.
- Kim L.

This is a great tasting product that all the kids in the group loved. While it took a little getting used to for some of the kids who have not tasted goat milk, at the end, they all fell in love with it! I also tasted it and it tastes great!
- Alice G.

Of the members in my group who didn’t like the taste of goat milk, half of them liked the taste of the yogurt anyway. The other half couldn’t get past the goat milk taste.
- Felisa A.

The mango did not taste good.
- Melissa P.

My groups children loved Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit. When my 22 month old finished his, he cried for another one. The mothers and I also sampled Kabrita yogurt, the flavors were delicious, we all agreed that Kabrita will be the only yogurt we will purchase.
- Sara M.

The group went wild for the Mixed Berry and Mango Peach flavors. The kids loved them. And the adults loved them. Banana was not very popular, the feedback was that the Banana flavor was too sweet.
- William L.

Our group had not tried Kabrita before so it was great to bring awareness to the yogurt and brand. We even had dairy free members who were so excited about this, as they had not had it before. We all loved the mixed berry flavor the most, then mango peach. Thank you for the opportunity to sample and share with friends. We sincerely enjoyed it and look forward to finding you in our whole foods
- Debbie F.

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