KH-7 Super Degreaser

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Dirt and grease stains, begone! If you need a powerful cleaning solution to reach even the tightest of corners and toughest of stains, KH-7 Super Degreaser may become your go-to.

KH-7 is a concentrated degreaser specially formulated for thorough and effortless removal of grease, oil, and heavily encrusted dirt on most surfaces and textiles. The formula does not contain phosphates, microplastics, dyes, or perfumes and won’t irritate the skin. With this multi-use degreaser, a little goes a long way, so one bottle should last you longer compared to other brands. Use it to give your home, car, and whatever else you can think of a little sparkle!

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Concentrated formulaDye freeEffective against dirt and greaseNo added perfumesNo microplasticsNo phosphatesNot tested on animalsSuitable for food surfacesVersatile use and application

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KH-7 Super Degreaser is available to purchase at Walmart, Amazon, and La Michoacana. To find a store near you, visit
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