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We know that mealtime can be one of the most difficult challenges parents face everyday. Between busy schedules and picky eaters, it seems like an ongoing battle. How do we ensure that our kids are getting a healthy meal on the craziest of days? Enter Kidfresh—healthy, yummy, and nutritious frozen kids meals that are ready in just minutes! Kidfresh has an entire line of kid favorite meals, like Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets, that are packed with goodness. Using only natural and non-GMO ingredients, all Kidfresh meals are rich in grains and protein, and low in sodium and fat. The best part? Kidfresh mixes hidden veggies into every meal! Finally, a healthy and easy meal that your kids will love and you can trust.

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BPA freeEco-FriendlyGrainsNaturalNo artificial colors or flavorsNo preservativesNon-GMOProtein

Where to Purchase

Kidfresh meals are available at over 6,000 stores nationwide in the frozen aisle. To find a Kidfresh retailer near you, head on over to the store locator on their website at


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All the kids loved Kidfresh at our Kidfresh party! Thanks for this great opportunity.
- Adriane B.

It’s hard to find a local store that carries them.
- Billie L.

I hosted about thirty parents and kids for a drop in play date at my house. I rotated the Kidfresh meals through my toaster oven and both parents and kids gobbled them up with rave reviews.
- Sara G.

…My group and I would like to convey a HUGE thank you for the honor and blessing of being able to sample this awesome line of healthy frozen kids meals. It’s been a pleasure and lots of fun!! My own freezer will be stocked with KidFresh frozen kids meals going forward! I’m so thankful to have learned about your healthy and nutritious line of frozen meals for kids because I had never heard about KidFresh until it was on Moms Meet. I’ve only been a Mom Ambassador since July 2014 but have learned more about being greener and making nutritious choices in these 3 short months than I had learned on my own, over several years!
- Melessa R.

My 10 month old loved the quesadillas!!! He ate a whole one!!! The other kids also enjoyed the samples…we sampled rainbow chicken and rice, cheesy quesadillas, wagon wheels Mac + cheese and super duper chicken nuggets….even the moms were impressed with the great taste of the food!!!
- Meghan G.

Pricey for what you get.
- Anja S.

We are huge fans of Kidfresh now! These are good for you and good-tasting. We have made quite a few people new fans too!!
- Lindsey S.

My daughter really enjoyed the mac and cheese and the chicken nuggets. My husband liked them too–he even stole a few bites!
- Kathryn W.

They really enjoyed the Kidfresh frozen meals. They especially loved that you could not taste the vegetables!
- Bree L.

The kids had a great time at the party. We set out a whole bunch of different Kidfresh meals for them to try, and served it as a buffet style. The parents even got to try some. The kids loved loved loved the mac and cheese, the pizza, and the quesadilla. They weren’t too happy with the fish stick one. Thanks so much for letting us sample this!!!!
- Annamarie D.

I sampled the Kidfresh Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese with my music together group. Everyone loved it and were excited about how healthy the products are.
- Anna M.

These meals are very bland and the kids weren’t big fans.
- Becky E.

Some of the products like the chicken nuggets and pizza were good for a frozen meal that is microwaved. The mac and cheese was not a big hit…I think the shape and texture was a bit off for the kids. The meals are a bit more pricey than what people in the group were used to, so the coupons that I handed out were a good way to get the other parents to give the meals a try at home.
- Jennifer W.

We had a blast sampling the Kidfresh meals! I think the adults may have even had more fun! :~)
- Tiffany J.

I think the price needs to be lowered and also the product needs to be improved if microwaved. The product becomes very chewy when cooked this way.
- Kylie S.

We enjoyed trying them. They seem pricey so it was good to try them first before buying them. We need something like this for busy evenings.
- Christine S.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor varieties, but the main concern was that they are not widely available where we shop, and a few thought they would make excellent lunch options, but at least 3 moms with kids in child care during the day said their centers wouldn’t heat food for the children that is sent from home. Most agreed that ready to serve products would be convenient. Especially with hidden veggies, and in lunch box or purse portable sizes.
- Heather O.

We loved the Kidfresh frozen meals!! The kids enjoyed them, and even the adults liked them! They were not easily available in our area, however. As the hostess, I had to go to 3 different stores before I finally found a store that had them. I checked on Kidfresh website to find local stores that carried them, and 3 of the stores listed did not have them. One employee at one of the stores had not even heard of the brand. So that was a disappointment that they are not conveniently located where most of us shop. But, overall, we did like the Kidfresh meals and sample kit. Thank you!
- Kristina M.

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