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Xlear (pronounced “clear”) Sinus Nasal Spray is a patented, non-addictive nasal spray that beats sniffles and irritation caused by pollutants, allergens, and germs. It’s the only nasal spray that combines xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol that works to keep nasal passages hydrated, with good-for-you saline to help wash, hydrate, and moisturize nasal passages. Best of all, it’ll help you stay healthier, since too-dry nasal passages leave airways vulnerable to increased infections.


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Find Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care Spray at Whole Foods Market and natural food stores, or online at


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It went Great! With most of our school mom’s and dad’s, (the men really liked to be invited to the XLEAR party) we all shared our thoughts on XLEAR, went on the site and checked it out together. We all decided that XLEAR was a great natural product that worked and was easy to use, with no added unnatural ingredients. Getting back to natural is our aim for ourselves and our kid’s. Thank you Mom’s for a great party.
- Bernita O.

I thought it was sticky and didn’t seem to clear nasal passages.
- Lisa

Even the kids as young as two can use this product with ease!!!
- PJ Miller

Thumbs Up for Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care Spray! The kids used it without complaining, and the moms loved it! It worked well to relieve sinus issues, and we LOVE that it is all natural!
- Emilie L.

We all had a wonderful time sampling this product. It was a blessing to some of my group members as they have children who use nasal sprays quite a bit. Thank You!
- Allyson T.

I was very impressed with the products effectiveness. A large majority of the group also noted that their kids didn’t complain about the products taste or smell in comparison to the nasal sprays they have tried prior to Xlear.
- Misty D.

Our group liked this product very much. We will definitely buy again in the future. We liked the fact that it worked fast for our children and we saw results quickly.
- Deedee P.

My son suffers from allergies all year long. He didn’t put up a fight using your product. He found relief. Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to try your product and share with our group.
- Sandra E.

Appreciate the sweet aftertaste, but one friends said that it “stung” a little.
- Jenna P.

Many of the kids in our group suffer with seasonal allergies ….here in NC the yellow pollen is terrible right now. The Kid’s Xlear Sinus care Spray was relevant in allergy prep and keeping passages clear and moisturized (of course the OTC meds tend to irritate passages). Thank you for the sampling opportunity and the generous packet !!
- Tonya D.

All of the moms in our group love this product. Most of the moms and kids have sinus issues related to allergies. We all are happy to know that there is a product that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding; as well as for our children, regardless of age.
- Bethany W.

All of the group loved the product. It really does clear out the nasal passages without medication. When it did drain, it didn’t have a bad flavor, it almost tasted fruity. Great product.
- Amber U.

I have two children with allergies and asthma. Using this product was easy and pain free for my little ones. The price was also reasonable.
- Brittany B.

It didn’t seem effective on anyone in the group at first, it took using it several times over several days to do anything at all, we really didn’t care for it.
- Cheryl H.

I LOVE this product! My daughters both suffer from nosebleeds due to dry noses. I have used a bunch of different saline drops for their noses and these were WAY better than any of the others. The only thing that I would change is the delivery. I find the saline mist ones to be easier to administer to my squirmy kids. Thank you for allowing me to sample your product.
- Megan D.

I didn’t care for the sugary sweet taste after use. However, my son didn’t have a problem with that.
- Jessica S.

Although some of the kids just didn’t like having something sprayed in their noses, it worked well and fast so it’s worth the fight.
- Erica V.

I felt there was too much spray and it made my throat sore.
- Genevieve B.

I love love loved this sample! I will definitely be buying it soon. When I first told my moms about the product, they were a bit strange regarding the fact it goes up your kids’ noses. They didn’t think their children would want to use it. However, in the end they ended up LOVING the product! Fantastic sample!
- Amy

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