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Baking with joy since 1790, King Arthur Flour is America’s oldest flour company. For 225 years they have remained committed to their centuries-old mission to build community through baking. Believing in the power of baked goods to do good, their program Bake for Good is about bringing people together to bake, which in turn helps community members in need. There are so many ways to #BakeforGood! Your group can create a nutritious meal to fill undernourished bellies or sell cookies to support a cause near and dear. Baking for good can even be as simple as bringing goodies to your friends and neighbors, just to make them smile.

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King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose and White Whole Wheat Flours can be found at major grocery stores, as well as Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods. Find a store near you at You can also buy online through their Baker’s Catalogue.


Reviews from our moms

I had such a fun time baking with King Arthur Flour, and was very impressed with the quality of the recipe and the flour. I made Whole Wheat Blueberry muffins and donated them to our church leaders who blessed our community with Vacation Bible School. I found the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website and will definitely be visiting their website more, as I am now a true fan of them and their flour! Thank you Moms Meet for the opportunity!
- Adrienne M.

We LOVED using the flour and baking together as a group. In fact, we held a few mini-meets at all the different mom’s houses.
- Bobbett J.

I have never had my baked goods come out as great as they did this past weekend. I believe the King Arthur Flour played a big role in that.
- Bonnie G.

I made a batch of cookies with the King Arthur Flour and the exact same recipe with regular all-purpose white flour, and we compared the two. The King Arthur Flour cookies were the taste-test winners and the texture-test winners!!!!!!! We were all very surprised and very excited that this whole wheat product tasted better than regular all-purpose flour did!
- Becky O.

This was one of the greatest sampling events yet! It was so rewarding and lots of fun. Please have more of these kinds of programs. We baked for a local food pantry and everyone was so thankful. Unfortunately we could not take pictures of people receiving the baked goods for privacy reasons, which we completely understood. It was so worth it!
- Barbara Z.

We were very impressed with the King Arthur Flour varieties as well as the real ingredients. The website is also awesome, as it is packed with products, information and recipes!
- Jennifer I.

I really was surprised about the consistency of the flour and the impact on results. We all enjoyed and loved it more than we thought that we would.
- Ali M.

The sample kit and coupons were amazing. We very much appreciate the opportunity to sample and bake with the products. King Arthur Flour is amazing and we get great results time after time!
- Kimberly D.

We did try to bake some bread also. That did not turn out so well, but the cookies we did for #bakeforgood turned out great. We will still continue to do this program and even ship some cookies to soldiers overseas.
- Wendy

I say it’s pretty good, the King Arthur Flour; but most of my friends don’t know the brand King Arthur Flour. Price is a bit expensive and they have never tried it before other than the usual, regular flour they are buying.
- Majorie S.

I was very grateful of the King Arthur Flour package kit, I was able to provide all of my moms with flour and more information about the company. Although some of them had a hard time finding the flours. In the end I was able to make some banana bread and take it to my non-profit counseling center where I work.
- Asha K.

This was the first time we tried this brand. With the flavor and consistency, we were able to make some wonderful things and take them to the local nursing and children’s home. The gifts were especially well-received and we plan on continuing this as an ongoing project.
- Susan T.

This has been the most rewarding sampling I have experienced. We made cookies for a local nonprofit that serves the homeless, and Intacare which helps Veterans. The appreciation was overwhelming. I would say that the majority of my group will be buying this flour as their primary brand.
- Raye R.

This was the best kit ever received and we love the #bakeforgood campaign. Several of us have learned to love baking because of this kit. I made bread for the first time! Another member made muffins from scratch!
- Hedi M.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Great information and a whole new resource for recipes and information that I couldn’t believe we hadn’t discovered before.
- Nicole H.

This was the BEST sampling. I have been a Mom’s Meet Ambassador for nearly 5 years, and this was the best concept I have seen shipped to moms. The bakeforgood aspect of the sampling was excellent, the supporting facebook party, webinar, and twitter party this week all help too. Well done, King Arthur! I know that I, for one, have switched my brand loyalties to this company.
- Jennifer W.

The website was a very good resource for all of the moms. We really had a lot of fun looking at the recipes and comparing the results.
- Michelle W.

We found the results of our use of the flour to be a bit inconsistent. I baked cupcakes that I felt did not do well because of the flour, however, the zucchini bread worked great. Two other moms agreed that their results were not the same based on what they were making.
- Alicia B.

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