Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ Synbiotic

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Friendly bacteria is essential for good gut health. When combined together, probiotics and prebiotics (called synbiotic) provide a synergistic beneficial effect in the microbiome. To boost the friendly bacteria in your body, Kyo-Dophilus® Pro+ Synbiotic are great-tasting, chewable tablets that come in convenient, single-serving packets to take daily. Each tablet contains the BioEcolians® prebiotic and nine probiotic strains, including The Friendly Trio®. Keep your microbiome strong and well-populated with this prebiotic + probiotic to support improvement in regularity and relief from bloating and gas discomfort.*




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Chewable tabletsDairy freeGluten freeNo artificial colors or flavorsNon-GMOPrebiotics + probioticssingle-serving packets

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Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ Synbiotic is a brand new product so availability is still in process.  Kyo-Dophilus products are found at local natural health food stores and online at Amazon, iherb, and Vitacost.  We will continue to update you with store locations.  Visit the product webpage for the most current information:


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