Lightlife Organic Original Tempeh

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Are you looking to add more plant-based meals to your family’s routine? If so, you’ll definitely want to try Lightlife Organic Original Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay). This versatile plant-based meat has a savory and slightly nutty flavor that makes for a delicious addition to any dish. Vegan Certified and non-GMO, you’ll love that it’s packed with 12 grams of protein. Whether you add Lightlife Organic Original Tempeh to a sandwich, salad, or crumble it into a grain bowl, it’s the kind of delicious you have to taste to believe.  

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Non-GMOPlant proteinTempeh baconVegan Certified

Where to Purchase

Lightlife Organic Original Tempeh is available to purchase at your local natural foods or grocery store. To find a store near you, visit

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