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Do you want to add a little veggie goodness to your grill? Lightlife Smart Patties and Smart Dogs are meatless alternatives to burgers and hot dogs that are refrigerated-fresh, certified vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Available in two varieties, Original with Quinoa and Black Bean, Smart Patties are grill-ready and packed with 10g of protein, yet only 100 calories per patty. Smart Dogs, America’s #1 meatless hot dog, are also grill-ready and contain 7g of protein per link. Embrace the vegetarian lifestyle with Lightlife’s healthy and delicious alternatives that the whole family will enjoy.


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Lightlife products are available at grocery stores nationwide in the produce, dairy, or natural foods section. Visit to find a store near you.


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We were surprised our kids did not recognize that they were not eating the meat variety, the taste and texture was not that different from the real thing.
- April E.

I wish they were gluten free. We had a lot of people who could not sample due to this issue.
- Gina E.

My group enjoyed the patties and will definitely continue to purchase them. The hotdogs on the other hand, nobody liked the taste or texture.
- Kenny B.

While most of the group liked the smart dogs, they did not care for the patties. They said they were slimy, bad texture and the taste was not good compared to the frozen variety they buy.
- Kristen S.

We also tried the Italian sausages and the Chorizo sausages and those were the products we enjoyed the most. We all loved them! Even the little kids. We really enjoyed the quinoa burgers, too. The smokey taste was excellent. We did not enjoy the hot dogs as much, but agreed that once they were in a bun and filled with toppings, they would be fine. The little kids did not even notice the difference. Great products and we will all be purchasing more! Thanks so much for the chance to try these!
- Dee S.

The hot dogs tasted a bit too smoky.
- Julie L.

The quinoa patties and hot dogs were the kids favorites. The black bean we topped with avocado and that was the mom’s favorite. I purchased the crumbles for my family and used them for omelettes, my husband didn’t even know it wasn’t meat. Overall Lightlife products were a new favorite among us.
- Stacy C.

Overall everyone was very impressed with the flavor and nutrition values of the Lightlife products! I cooked them up with lots of toppings and many people could not believe they were vegetarian!
- Sara L.

This product was such a hit. The taste far exceeded what the group imagined.
- Ava Maria G.

The kids loved it, but the adults did not like the texture.
- Christine F.

Everyone enjoyed your products; we even tried your loose veggie meat, that we used to make chili and tacos with. Many members enjoyed that option the most.
- Leslie S.

The products were both a great taste and texture! Most non-vegetarians in the group couldn’t tell the difference between a Nightlife dog and a meat hot dog.
- Tiffany H.

The texture of the burgers was not so pleasant among my participants.
- Crystal D.

Many of us were surprised at how tasty the smart dogs were. We were unable to find the patties in our local stores but some of us opted for the ground ‘sausage type’ product and it was delicious, even the meat eaters enjoyed it.
- Wendy C.

Everyone enjoyed the products, some not so much the texture of the burgers, but will definitely purchase….we also tried the tempeh, which everyone loved, great brand for vegetarians!!
- Amy F.

My mom’s group absolutely loved the taste of the Lightlife Smart Patties & Smart Dogs! They were very impressed with the quality and flavor of both products =).
- Nivin S.

It was great paired with a condiment but some of my members wanted them plain, and they complained of an aftertaste. They also did not like the texture unfortunately.
- Laura B.

Very generous sampling size. My daughter loves the hot dogs and my husband and I loved the Italian sausages. Has a different taste than other sausage but you can’t even tell it has no meat in it!
- Amanda M.

When we had our BBQ, honestly, I was a bit unsure of how it would turn out to be BUT it defied all expectations. It’s SUPER AWESOME and Yum! Congratulations to the developing team, I have not tasted a better veggie/ vegan option.
- Anjali N.

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