Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder

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Introducing your little ones to potential allergens can be stressful. That’s why Lil Mixins has made it their mission to help parents feed their infants peanuts, eggs, and other foods the safe and easy way. Made with 100% organic peanuts, Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder helps moms follow the AAP guidelines for early peanut introduction. It’s great to mix with baby food like purees, mashed bananas, apple sauce, and so much more. Plus, each serving contains the recommended amount of peanut protein, so you can simply scoop, mix, and serve!

100% organic peanutsComplies with AAP GuidelinesEasy to useFor babies 4–12 monthsNo additivesNo saltNo sugarNon-GMOPeanut protein

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