Little Bellies Organic Pick-Me Sticks

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Introducing your baby to solid food is a big milestone for many mamas. Finding snacks that will help them explore new tastes and textures safely is paramount. Little Bellies Organic Pick-Me Sticks are deliciously crisp organic puffed corn snacks that gently melt in the mouth to encourage safe self-feeding.

Perfect for first stage snacking, the Little Bellies Tasty Textures range for 7+ months introduces subtle flavors and new texture experiences in large, soft shapes that little hands can hold. This makes them great for helping the development of hand-to-mouth coordination. With Little Bellies, you can enjoy the process with the perfect snacking option for tiny taste buds at the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey.

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10% DV iron per servingCertified organic and non-GMOGently bakedMelts in the mouthNot sweetened or saltedSuitable for babies 7+ months

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Little Bellies Organic Pick-Me Sticks in Sweet Potato and Banana flavors are available in store and online at Target. To find a store near you visit

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