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Living Now® Baking and Pancake Mix
Living with a food sensitivity doesn’t have to be the hassle or burden it once was. Thanks to Living Now, a line of gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and non-GMO products, you can safely enjoy mealtime again. Living Now’s wholesome, organic, and natural products are always free of the eight major common allergens—dairy, wheat, soy, nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Breakfast can be especially difficult for those with food intolerances, particularly gluten-sensitivity. But with Living Now® Baking and Pancake Mix, you can enjoy satisfying, delicious, gluten-free breakfast items and other favorite treats without the worry.

NOW® Effer-C™ Effervescent Drink Mix
With the seasons about to change, it’s important to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape. Stay healthy all year long with Effer-C, an effervescent drink mix that’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to support optimal wellness and electrolyte balance. Effer-C provides 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, a full complement of B vitamins, and seven other minerals in just one serving. Simply empty one packet in 4 to 6 oz. of water daily and enjoy!*

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All-purposeAllergy friendlyGluten freeKosherNon-GMOSugar freeVeganVitamin C

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The absolute best banana bread (gluten free or regular) that I have EVER tasted!’ ‘The Brownies were definitely good!’ ‘We will be purchasing these from now on, even if we had to purchase them from Egypt, they are TOTALLY worth it.’ ‘It sounds crazy but I’d pay up to $20 a box for that banana bread!’…. These are all comments I heard at our breakfast party.
- Kristen P.

We had a great time Sampling Living Now Baking and Pancake Mix during our MOMS discussion and in my home. While we had some mixed reviews we all felt that this product would be a great healthy choice to have in our home. Thank you for letting us try your product out.
- Melanie G.

My family doesn’t have diet restrictions, so we don’t usually eat gluten free foods. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by how good the Living Now Baking products tasted! I would use the baking and pancake mix regularly if it wasn’t so much more expensive than say Bisquick.
- Brandie R.

Great taste but many group members said it was not available where they shop regularly.
- Angela C.

Having hosted several meet ups, I really appreciate when the product is sent vs. coupons to shop for it. It was very easy for me to make the pancakes and everyone really thought they tasted great. On my own, I made both bread mixes and they were excellent. I often think of gluten free to be flavorless, not the same as gluten-rich, as do my meetup members, but this was not the case.
- Christy H.

We absolutely loved every mix and did not realise they were gluten free… In fact we made them all egg free too! Tasted great! Thx a lot!
- Suchitra B.

The experience was mind boggling. We did not know what to expect but the texture and taste of this product was AMAZING. My children loved it, we have went through the boxes and more. My group members feel the same way! Thanks for the opportunity, this company now has new consumers.
- Monika B.

Tasted amazing! Added fruit to some of the pancakes for the sampling meeting. So soo good. I made whipped coconut cream to put on top as well. Delicious!
- Jennifer M.

It was a great experience. It was my 1st time trying living now products and my group’s 1st time too. I love the taste, quality and texture of it.
- Ambreen J.

The kids enjoyed it more than the adults. For most of us, it would be for the children. So it was well received by my group.
- Kendra W.

I did a taste test between Living Now pancakes and gluten pancakes. Most in my group couldn’t even tell the difference, especially the kids!
- Amanda B.

The Celiacs in the group enjoyed how light the pancakes are. They are not as heavy as most gf pancakes, which was very nice. The flour blend was also pleasant, so not as gritty as those using mostly rice flour. Most of the kids also really enjoyed them. Only one complained about the texture. The main complaint was the ease of preparation. They are used to only adding eggs, water and oil.
- Kelly H.

We appreciated how easy it was to make the pancakes, especially with little ones running around and/or needing our immediate attention! We thought the taste and texture of the pancakes was good; better than expected for a gluten-free product that’s also highly nutritious. Almost all the children in our group also liked the pancakes; some asked for seconds! This was fantastic as we have some picky eaters in our group.
- Jeana K.

Everyone that I shared it with was totally surprised that is was free of so many things. No one thought that it tasted any different than regular flour mixes. It was AWESOME to have something to share with people who have dietary issues and others who are extremely health conscious. Even picky eaters were eating these products! It is an awesome product. The only downside is the cost.
- Kim B.

We were all very pleasantly surprised by the taste of the now products. We have a few nut free kids and they loved they could eat all the yummy now products. The brownies and banana bread was gone instantaneously! The kids loved the vitamins too, the moms loved the ingredients and that all the kids were happy!
- Amanda S.

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