Lundberg Family Farms Rice Chips

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Looking for a healthier-for-you snack? Wholesome and flavorful–Lundberg Family Farms Rice Chips are made with 70% organic ingredients, including certified organic brown rice. Available in a variety of flavors, these hearty chips deliver 26g of whole grains per bag. And since they’re non-GMO and gluten-free–you can trust this snack for your family!

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Lundberg Family Farms Ready to Heat Flavored Rice Pouches are available to purchase at Whole Foods Market in the packaged grains section. To find a store near you, visit


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The Lundberg family farms rice chips were amazing. I have already purchased more.
- Kelli N.

A lot of the kids didn’t like the chips. They grew on the adults after our first bag. Definitely will eat the plain ones with some ranch dip or hummus.
- Ashley C.

All the moms and kids LOVED the chips and the variety. Some already knew of the brand and that you’re gluten free…some were SHOCKED that they were so tasty and delicious. :)
- Shannon C.

I have had and loved the rice chips and purchase them regularly. Most of the ladies in my group had never tried it before and felt it was a little high price for the amount of chips compared to the mass market brands, but once they tried them they were surprised at how much they liked them.
- Karen S.

They are everyone’s new favorite chip!!
- Tina S.

The Lime flavor was said to be too strong, one person really liked it but everyone else said it was too much.
- Peggy A.

We used them not only for dips, but also in chicken tortilla soup, which was awesome — they really kept their crunch!!
- Kate G.

I personally feel the rice chips have an excellent flavor and it’s so great they are gluten-free and healthy.
- Jimmi L.

The lime flavoring was not as popular.
- Moxie K.

Thank you! My mom’s group and myself loved your products! Especially the Lime flavor. We would love to also see a salt and vinegar flavor. The fact that they were made from brown rice and that the kids liked them was awesome! The extra gifts you included for myself were also very kind! I now use my reusable bag every time I go to the store. Great product and company all around. You have new customers for life!
- Alexandra F.

The favorite flavor was the sea salt, followed by the barbecue flavor. Everyone found the Mexican flavor to have too much lime.
- Cynthia Z.

We absolutely are addicted to the Rice Chips. My kid got ahold of some before our meeting and has been begging for some ever since. We loved the package and appreciate you choosing us for this sampling experience. We are very grateful to be selected and try this amazing product. Thank you so much from all of the mothers in my group!
- Michelle B.

Except for the texture most of the mothers in my group liked the flavors, they just thought the chips were to thick.
- Linda M.

I really enjoyed the rice chips and it was actually a snack I could feel good about serving my family.
- Kim B.

Loved the chips and so did the kids. Members say they would never have thought about buying rice chips before this. Looking forward to trying other samples from the company.
- Tina D.

They were the best gluten free product I have tested.
- Tiffany G.

Our favorite variety was the Lime! Yummy!!
- Michelle M.

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