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When you’re crunched for time and low on energy, serving up REAL healthy food can be tough. If it’s organic, vegan, or gluten-free options you’re after…forget about it! But thanks to Lundberg Family Farms, it doesn’t have to be so hard! With their new Whole Grain Rice and Seasoning Mixes, you can expect only the best real food ingredients; ingredients you would pull from your own pantry if only you had the time and energy. The icing on the cake? Their products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Real food lovers, rejoice.

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Lundberg Family Farms Ready to Heat Flavored Rice Pouches are available to purchase at Whole Foods Market in the packaged grains section. To find a store near you, visit


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We actually prepared the samples for a group; so that all of the moms could really experience the whole sampling process. It was so much fun, and the prices and flavors are to die for. Even the kids LoVeD them!
- Colene C.

Loved the idea but the taste was not great.
- Stephanie G.

Thanks for the amazing chance to try these great rice dishes. We made a cranberry almond rice salad, stirred in some diced sausage with the Jambalaya mix for an easy main dish. Our kids loved the Rice and Wild Rice blend and we loved how easy these mixes were to put together. We can order this brand through our bulk food co op, but never knew about these great side dishes! Thanks! We will definitely be buying more!
- Kirbee N.

My group LOVED all the different mixes. We also got the rice cakes. They were tasty but the price point was a bit high.
- Paulina

My group consists of men, women and children. They are very opinionated and all of them absolutely enjoyed the dishes that I prepared from Lundberg Farms.
- Rita J.

Although the group agreed that all favors tasted great and our children also enjoyed them, I personally felt that the flavors were too similar. I prepared the black beans with ham as suggested on the back of the box and I prepared the jambalaya as suggested on the back and both were very good, even as complete meals. However, I felt the flavors were nearly interchangeable and were mostly the flavor of salt.
- Ouida B.

It was a bit spicier than we expected.
- Jessica C.

We were all pleasantly surprised at how good these are! Personally, I’m still trying to adjust to brown rice instead of white rice, but I did enjoy these and so did every kid in the group, which was surprising since some are picky eaters. Thanks for a delicious product that is quick, easy and not full of junk!
- Dee S.

This was a really great product. The taste, preparation, serving size, and content were all great. I like that it was non gmo amongst other things. This was a definite hit with my group of moms. Thank you for the experience and the taste!
- Inem U.

I was okay with the flavor, but I LOVED that it was organic and everyone really liked the option of an easy BROWN rice dish because it’s so much healthier. The chips and rice cakes were a MEGA hit! Overall, I would buy these products again and really trust the company, especially since the literature sent with the package showed how committed they are to an organic, family-made product. My group really responded to that.
- Candace

Some said the rice was chewy.
- Sara W.

The members I shared the Lundberg rice with loved everything about it, except the price.
- Fritz K.

Everyone loved the products but after the meeting a few people said they could not find any of the products at the store they shop at. We had a dinner party with all of the moms and their families this time. It was a lot of fun!
- Lisa W.

I got a GREAT reaction to your product. We do live in a small town and it’s hard for our grocery store to carry wide varieties, but we’d love to see more of yours!!!
- Lee Ann W.

Everything tasted great! We thoroughly enjoyed the rice party we had. The children were excited about the bag and played with it through most of the sampling event.
- Heather S.

my group did not like the taste of any of the rice mixes at all, said it was not tasty and too chewy.
- Tami S.

The rice felt thick and we all liked that. It gave the feeling of REAL food. We needed to find organic rice that doesn’t take much prep or tending to.
- Naomi G.

We loved the kit and the variety of flavors. The rice was easy to cook, nice and fluffy and even good reheated. The chips were a hit as well. The chips were loved by our weight watchers members. The rice cakes were too heavy and had way too many calories.
- Jennette A.

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