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If you like Lundberg Rice Cakes, you’re going to love their new Thin Stackers®! Light, crunchy, and flavorful, Thin Stackers are a tasty, thinner cake loaded with the goodness of whole grains. Packaged in a box with two stay-fresh sleeves, Thin Stackers are convenient and portable for a quick snack on the go. They’re also versatile—top them with deli meats, veggies, nut butter, or fresh fruit for a delicious gluten-free snack. Made with only organic and non-GMO ingredients, Thin Stackers are available in four varieties: 5 Grain, Red Rice & Quinoa, Lightly Salted, and Salt-Free.

Gluten freeKosherNon-GMOOrganicVeganWhole grain

Where to Purchase

Lundberg Family Farms Ready to Heat Flavored Rice Pouches are available to purchase at Whole Foods Market in the packaged grains section. To find a store near you, visit


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All of the kids in our group really enjoyed the different flavors of Thin Stackers. The adults liked them all as well but the favorite was the lightly salted variety as it seemed to help bring more flavor out, while not being overpowering.
- Anna M.

Not much flavor to them.
- Corinna B.

They were delicious! Everyone of all ages raved about the taste and texture. We will definitely be purchasing some in the very near future!!
- Jami M.

We loved the different flavors they came in, and everyone thought-up together what new flavors we would like. We all agreed that something spicy would be wonderful!!
- Jennifer S.

All of our group loved the Lundberg Family Farms Thin Stackers, even our babies. The taste was surprisingly delicious and not dry or tasteless. Thank you Moms Meet for letting us sample the product. We love it.
- Hanan G.

We think these are a great substitute for bread in a lot of situations. We put different spreads on them, melted cheese over them, put cream cheese and smoked salmon on them. These are a great, gluten free, lower calorie alternative.
- Michelle C.

The taste is bland compared to other brands. The packaging is nice but would have been nicer if it is resealable.
- Givenchy A.

We love how thin and crispy they were!
- Kym N.

We found that the kids enjoyed eating them best either plain or with peanut butter. The adults enjoyed it with cheese, and didn’t enjoy them as much plain.
- Amy D.

Thank you for letting us sample Lundberg Family Farms Thin Stackers! It was a new product for everyone in our group and it was generally well received. To some moms the stackers seemed too bland by themselves, and also not as thin as they expected when they heard we’d be sampling ‘thin’ stackers. These were the only negative comments throughout the sampling. We addressed them by suggesting topping the crackers with cream cheese, nutella or peanut butter and or/a piece of fruit :). The positive comments were about the goodness of whole grains and multiple grains included; some moms and kids actually preferred the stackers by themselves, because they tasted ‘just right’. The moms were WOWed by the poster showing all available products from Lundberg Family farms, and now know what to look for in stores. Thank you!
- Zoya T.

They were not as salty as others we have tries and we missed that.
- Kathy B.

The mom’s in our group loved the nutritional content of the rice cake stackers as compared to the Quaker brand they typically buy. They also commented that they liked the size and thickness better too, as it provided for less waste when giving it to their kids.
- Julie L.

We all love the shape and taste of the thin stackers. They make it easy to make a healthy and tasty orderve or snack.
- Jamie J.

We were totally pleased with our Lundberg samples. We had no idea what we were missing. They are a unique taste; so much better than our normal brand, we can never go back.
- Rachel S.

These are fantastic, even my husband thought they were tasty. LOVED the popcorn one, so clever, though all were a hit at home and in the group. I served with PB and honey and also brought jam and cheese. Super product, and we will be buying this often. Would love to see a mega pack at Costco.
- Margaret H.

Our group didn’t find the ‘resealable’ package as robust as we would have preferred. We would have liked the bags to have Ziplock type feature, vs. ripping the bag.
- Robin B.

This was THE BEST overall sampling response I have had in terms of satisfaction with a product and variety of items to taste test from the brand. This was the best sampler!! Unfortunately, I had to reschedule this party a few times and we FINALLY were able to follow through today. Thank you for your patience.
- Michelle R.

Both moms and kids enjoyed the flavor and texture of these snacks. They are excellent choices as a snack alone or with toppings.
- Martha V.

Our group was thrilled with all the different fruits, veggies and spreads we could and did put on our stackers! From kids to adults, we truly enjoyed this great product. Glad we were able to ‘taste test’. Thanks Moms Meet.
- Deborah B.

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