Made In Nature Organic Dried Fruit Fusions

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Good things do come in small packages! Made In o nonature Organic Dried Fruit Fusions are mouthfuls of pure, 100% organic fruit bites blended to perfection with an exciting twist of delight. In four delicious flavors including kid favorite—Apple Cinnamon and the power-packed Superberry, these Fruit Fusion packs are an ideal snack for the whole family. And with 100 calories or less per serving and absolutely no added sugar they are a treat you can always feel good about. They are also gluten-free, nut-free, non-GMO, and do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Pop one of these into your kid’s lunchbox and you’ll know they are getting the nutrition they need until they’re back home in your kitchen.

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Eco-FriendlyGluten freeNo chemicalsNo coloringNo fertilizersNo pesticidesNo preservativesNo sulfur dioxideNon-GMONut freeOrganic

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Made In Nature products are sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco, Walmart, iHerb, Vitacost, and select regional grocery stores. To find a retailer near you, visit


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The initial flavor of the coconut chips was great- then most did not like the aftertaste.
- Debi B.

We liked that it was real dried fruit, and unique fruits; however the pieces were very small, like crumbs. You basically have to eat it by the pinch, and it makes a big mess all over the place. The taste wasn’t great, not a big fan.
- Tami D.

My group overall preferred one of the 3 varieties, so I think some additional flavors would be nice. We all loved the coconut chips too!
- Salina A.

All the food was delicious…seriously one of the only food products our group has tried where we liked everything in the box.
- Liz R.

Too many raisins in a lot of them.
- Karin

The snacks were delicious, I really enjoy this brand, and so did my guests, the only complaint is that there isn’t much product (snacks) in each package, the serving size isn’t big enough, also the packaging is difficult to open, definitely too hard for children to open on their own.
- Renee K.

Everyone loved the mixes and flavors in the bags. They tasted fresh, not dried out, and made everyone’s tummies happy.
- Andrea W.

These are a wonderful snack for the whole family. We really enjoyed this tasty treat. One of a kind!
- Rachel W.

We weren’t wild about the taste of the small serving bags. Everyone went NUTS for the coconut shavings though! I bought a bag for everyone of the coconut (as a party gift) and sent them out the next day. I know everyone will be raving about Made in Nature again!
- Sarah D.

These were great!!! A great healthy treat and our kids love them. I do wish one of the packs had more nuts along with the fruit, but no complaints.
- Rachel W.

Some of the flavors has pieces that were too small. Eating it was like eating the bottom of the bag, just a bag of crumbs.
- Kyle C.

This experience was very interesting to us all. We will surely buy these great natural products for us and our families. These products are high end.
- Maria M.

Delicious product, all the families were impressed with the taste, texture, and nutrition.
- Jin

Everyone liked the taste of the dried fruit. It is great they are still juicy and moist even though it is dried.
- Tracey J.

I absolutely loved the flavor with cayenne pepper! I think it’s a great way to elevate the fruit, by adding those seasonings.
- Kathryn W.

The packaging was difficult to open – everyone would prefer a re-sealable package.
- Meena V.

This was a good product, but the small bits (seeds, nibs etc.) didn’t make it practical for on the go. I, and the other moms, agreed it’d be a good snack for home because you’d need to put it in a bowl. When you open the package, the small bits fall out easily, making it messy.
- Lindsay S.

My little ones and I were surprised at how yummy these fruit fusions tasted! I love that my kids chose Made in nature fruit fusions instead of chips or cookies! So awesome! :D
- Jamie E.

Our mom’s group loved the nutritional benefits of the product and the fact that the product is healthy and very delicious. We moms would love to stock on these for packing them in lunch boxes, as a healthy mid-day snack and a great snack during activities – like after school sports, trekking and picnics.
- Sapna V.

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