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Better food starts with better ingredients, such as non-GMO Malaysian palm oil. This healthy oil is loaded with vitamins and is naturally trans fat-free. Learn more about palm oil nutrition

Much of the palm oil used in the United States is sustainably grown and produced in Malaysia, a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production. Learn more about sustainable palm oil production

No hydrogenated oilsNo trans fatNon-GMONutrientsSustainable ingredientsVitamin AVitamin E

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Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a common ingredient in many foods. It’s a healthy replacement for partially hydrogenated oils which are known to increase heart disease risk.

Leading companies such as Kellogg’s, Nestle and General Mills depend on palm oil to produce great-tasting, nutritious and shelf-stable products. They take great care to use responsibly produced palm oil, such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

Malaysian palm oil is also a great addition to any chef’s kitchen. Unlike other oils, palm oil doesn’t break down or lose its nutritional value at high heat. Learn more about cooking with palm oil

Better-For-You Cooking Oils with Chef Gerard

Do you know what’s in your cooking oil? Watch our video as we talk to Chef Gerard Viverito, culinary instructor and Director of Culinary Education for Passionfish, about the health benefits of Malaysian Palm Oil. You’ll also learn why you should pay attention to the cooking oils in your recipes and how to stock a healthier, trans fat-free home.

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