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Your food fuels you through your long days, so it’s important that what you eat is nutritious. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are vegan and non-GMO, and adding them to your meals offers you a boost of plant-based protein that’s perfect for the mom on the go. Hemp Hearts offer more protein and omegas 3 and 6 and less carbs than chia or flax seeds. Plus, Hemp Hearts are ready to eat straight from the bag without cooking, soaking, or grinding. These versatile shelled hemp seeds can be sprinkled on salad, yogurt, or cereal, or blended into a smoothie for a delicious, nutty taste.

Easy to useHealthy omegasHeart-HealthyHempHigh in proteinNo cholesterolNo trans fatsNon-GMOOmega-3 & -6Plant basedVegan

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Our group was so impressed with the health benefits, the taste of the Hemp Hearts that most of us have switched over to this delicious little healthy morsel that packs so many benefits in a tiny little seed.
- Catalina V.

We all felt the hemp heart bites were a bit sweet, and we could only eat a couple. As well as, it would be nice if there were different varieties.
- Ellie V.

The moms and dads love the taste of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. Thank you for letting my group sample Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.
- Crystal W.

I, myself, would have never even taken a second look at hemp hearts while walking through a store and most of my group feels the same way. Thank you so much for introducing us to your incredible product! Most of the moms and their children in my group are big time smoothie lovers. They are very excited about your product and the health benefits it brings to a smoothie and many other baked goods and meals. They are worried that economically they might not be able to afford your product often. That is not saying that they do not feel it’s worth the price, because it definitely is. Thank you for the opportunity. We are big fans now!
- Jessica I.

Personally speaking just for myself, the Hemp bites were too chewy and I was not found of the taste, but others in my group liked and enjoyed them.
- Theresa G.

The bites had a unique taste. We liked the texture, sweetness, and earthy taste. We Enjoyed the hemp in smoothies, soups, and salad.
- Linda M.

I absolutely loved the taste of Hemp hearts. We as a group thought that it was not only healthy but tasty too to serve to our families and would use it for a meal, snack, in baking muffins, etc.
- Natalie G.

The chews they sent were good but I really didn’t care for the plain ones right out of the bag.
- Kristen P.

We loved this product, especially sprinkling it on salads…it was a super easy way to get extra nutrition with no extra work.
- Tammy C.

It was ok, but you def need an acquired taste for those clumps.
- Tina M.

I was really skeptical about the taste and possible uses for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts but I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is slightly nutty and much crunchier than I expected, and since Hemp hearts provides so much fiber and protein, they can make any meal healthier!
- Johnnie B.

Thanks for letting us try this product! We are all going to start incorporating these hemp hearts as part of our daily cooking/preparing meals!
- Laura H.

We all liked the hemp hearts and thought they tasted like sunflower seeds. We were expecting more of a crunch, but it didn’t affect our opinion. The reviews on the hemp bites were mixed. Only half of us liked them.
- Michelle G.

The bites were very dry and none of my friends or family cared for them and neither did I.
- Melanie S.

Nobody that attended the meeting had heard of hemp hearts, but were very curious to learn about it’s health benefits. After learning that hemp hearts have double the protein and more Omega 3 & 6’s than flax or chia seeds, they definitely want to incorporate them into their family’s diets. Everybody was also happy to know that hemp hearts do not contain any other ingredients (that they are a ‘whole’ food), are non-GMO and can be easily added to foods that they are already eating.
- Jen N.

It was the first time for most of us trying any Hemp food product and we weren’t sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised, I must say! The taste was not bad at all, in fact the hemp heart bites were quite sweet and tasty, not bland or earthy like I expected. Some of our group members took samples home and made smoothies and said they would definitely buy more if they saw them at the store where they normally shop.
- Pam C.

The heart bites were not good. The heart seeds were GREAT! Everyone loved them served in mini yogurt parfaits.
- Ashley W.

We Were All So Very Impressed With The Taste, Right Out Of The Bag!! Wonderful & Healthy!! The Best Of Both Worlds!!
- Christy F.

They were so good. We loved that they tasted so good, much like sunflower seeds. They were good on everything we tried and all of the kids loved them.
- Jennae S.

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