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Making sure kids get the nourishment they need is vital to their happiness and healthy development. MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders™ are available in three new formulations—Kids Daily Multi, Kids Daily Immune and Kids Daily B-Centered™—all of which are made with farm fresh whole foods and nutrients to support the health and well-being of children five years of age and older.* By adding just one scoop of Kids Nutrient Booster Powder™ to a child’s favorite smoothie or into foods like applesauce, yogurt, and no-bake desserts or snacks, you can feel confident that your child is getting the best in foundational nourishment.

Dairy freeGluten freeMineralsNo coloringsNo flavoringsNo herbicidesNo pesticidesNo preservtivesNo sweetenersSoy FreeSugar freeVitamins

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She loved it. She didn’t realize anything was added differently to the smoothie and there was no difference in taste. Read the full review
- Just Take Shape

My son loves smoothies so I decided to try the Kids Daily Multi in it. He said he didn’t even taste the vitamins. A win! Read the full review
- My Fruitful Home

Give MegaFood products a try – I don’t think you’ll find one that is better, in terms of manufacturing or ingredients. Read the full review
- Smart Mommy Healthy Baby

The powders mixed well with our blender and I didn’t notice a taste difference. Mom win! Read the full review
- Mommy Makes Time

My 16-year-old son said these are great and he’d rather eat these [Peanut Butter Power Bites] as a snack than junk food! Read the full review
- Little Chef Within

Meet this mom’s new secret weapon. These powders are keeping my kids well-nourished AND happy with their meal choices. Read the full review
- The Children’s Nook

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