Milkman Lowfat Milk

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Whether you’re shuffling the kids back and forth from activities or adventuring out for a weekend, it can be hard to have fresh milk on hand when you need it. Milkman Lowfat Milk offers 100% real dairy milk with a rich, creamy, real milk taste in a powder form. With convenient packable pouches, you can take Milkman with you while you boat, hike, or camp—or even when you just can’t get to the grocery store in time. With a long shelf life and unbeatable versatility, you’ll love reaching for Milkman Lowfat Milk for all your milk needs.

100% Real DairyLong shelf lifeLowfatNon-GMOPowdered MilkProtein-rich

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Milkman Lowfat Milk is available to purchase at Safeway in the Pacific Northwest and Whole Foods Market in the Northeast region as well as online at

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Stock Your Mom Survival Kit

We’ve all had the “Oh, no!” moment after running out of milk before the next grocery trip. Watch our video as we explore the endless possibilities Milkman has to offer with their deliciously convenient Lowfat Milk pouches. From camping snacks to natural disaster kits, we’ll show you the benefits of stockpiling dry milk for every occasion.

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