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We understand that life can get a little crazy at times. When it does, you shouldn’t have to compromise nutrition for convenience when it comes to family mealtime. That’s why Modern Table decided to make it easy to bring healthy, exciting, and yummy meals to our busy lives. With their innovative line of all-in-one meal kits, you can easily prepare a nutritious and delicious family dinner in 15 minutes or less. Each kit contains everything you need for a complete meal: bean-based pasta, vegetables, and a sauce/seasoning packet. All meals are GMO-free and made without artificial colors or preservatives. Plus, since the pasta is made from beans, the meals are packed with protein and fiber. With 6 unique, family-pleasing flavors, Modern Table Meals will instantly become your favorite go-to for a quick and tasty family dinner.

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FiberGluten freeIronNo artificial colors or flavorsNo preservativesNon-GMOPotassiumProteinVegetarianZinc

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Modern meals taste great and everyone at our group loved it! The kids ate everything on their plate with no problem! Definitely will be on our permanent purchase list!
- Ashlee T.

A little more variety.
- Anna N.

I found that the pasta got kind of soggy and lumpy when cooked according to the directions. I had to shorten the cooking time.
- Kate E.

My group loved how easy it was to prepare Modern Table Meals and the taste too! We tried some as is, and some with grilled chicken added. We love how high in protein they are and that the pasta’s made of beans. We hope Modern Table Meals makes additional flavors because we’d probably love those too. And everyone in my group was jealous of the Modern Table Meals bag I got to keep – I use it a lot and it’s so cute AND functional!
- Christa P.

I really like that it’s vegetarian…most of my group members follow vegetarian diets and always look for something easy to cook. This was perfect!
- Dhara K.

My group LOVED these pastas! Who knew lentils would be so great in pasta form! Our kids loved them too!
- Laura I.

Blown away by the quality and taste of Modern Table Meals. Absolutely impressed. Would never have tried these (and my group felt the same way) if they had not been part of this program and now everyone has them on their hot list. Great stuff.
- Jessica S.

The meal kits are delicious. It is amazing that they taste like regular pasta while being totally gluten-free and so much healthier and high in protein. We will definitely be buying these meals in the future. We were impressed.
- William L.

We didn’t care for some of the flavors.
- Amber M.

We all loved it. To be honest, some flavors were hit or miss, but not everyone liked or disliked the same things, so it worked out. The kids liked trying new food and they have their favorite ones that I have firm instructions to buy ‘yesterday’. We played with adding shrimp, and beef, one was a side dish with pan seared salmon. All were delicious, and we all enjoyed the very different flavors of each.
- Ai Deepak

We just didn’t love the taste. The concept was great though.
- Gali E.

Everyone loved the meals. Most of our members were impressed that the pasta was made of beans. Some members stated that it would be nice if a gluten, dairy, and soy free option was provided…
- Leslie S.

It was slightly difficult to find at some of my nearby shopping grocery stores.
- Becky M.

The adults loved it but it was too spicy for the kids. If the pasta was sold separately we would be obsessed with it.
- Christine F.

Everyone thought it was great and it was something new for everyone.
- Giselle M.

We loved making ALL the meals. They are not only healthy but easy and fun to make.
- Anassa M.

The only thing I did not like is the sauce spicy and more soy sauce in it.
- Jabeen

It was wonderful to have such a large supply of food to cook for everyone! The variety was wonderful and there was something for all.
- Cynthia B.

My mom’s in my group LOVED this. It’s like a healthy fast food option that you can fix up very quick for a dinner party or as a quick side. So many possibilities. So thankful to be introduced to this product.
- Kim L.

Honestly, this was the best pre-packaged meal I have had, ever! My fiancée went gaga for it! He couldn’t believe that the pasta was made from beans! We have already gone out and purchased some more!
- Katie G.

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