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When your child gets a stomachache, you need a solution that works fast. Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief is a safe and effective all-natural herbal supplement that relieves stomach discomfort associated with nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, and gas. The fast-acting liquid formula, made from organic ginger, fennel, dill, and peppermint, works in just minutes to settle your child’s upset tummy. Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief is sold in convenient, single-dose packs that can be tucked away in a diaper bag, lunch box, or handbag for fast relief on the go. It’s one of the most effective all-natural nausea remedies on the market, and quickly becoming a must-have for moms and kids alike.

Dairy freeDye freeGluten freeNaturalNo alcoholOrganicParaben freeSoy FreeSugar free

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My son coincidentally was throwing up the morning the Mommy’s Bliss pack arrived. As soon as he woke up from his nap I gave him one. He didn’t throw up again after that!
- Kristi A.

I didn’t like the taste sorry.
- Sandra C.

I set up a table to display the product, samples, and informational packets so that the moms could see them and sample them. The moms really liked how the packets are individual and portable so that you can take them with you, and they also enjoyed the flavor.
- Martha V.

As a single working Mom of 3 kids, I am always rushing to make fast meals or getting less than healthy fast food for the kid’s dinners and I know that several working mothers in my Mom’s group feel the same way. With the generous sampling of Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief single-serve packs, my friends and I know that when our kids get an upset tummy, we now have a fast-acting liquid formula – made from organic ginger, fennel, dill, and peppermint – that will help them (and us) FEEL BETTER in JUST MINUTES!
- Nicole B.

My son Bo was glad there’s options to try to get rid of nausea, because he has cyclic vomiting syndrome; usual Meds don’t always work and it’s nice to try something, and it also settled his tummy.
- Rosa S.

The ladies and dads tried the samples of mommy bliss and it came at a good time too. Several children had a stomach bug that was going around and they said that it really help their kids with the nausea. One child couldn’t keep pepto bismol down, but he had no problems with this product. They came back wanting to know if I had more. They really liked the $1.00 off coupon. It was a big hit, it really helped their children. Thanks so much for the samples just at the right time!
- Sonya K.

The flavor was not kid friendly.
- Angela H.

Passed out Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief samples to a group of mom’s at church. They are anxious to review/ use the products when it is needed for their little ones. Us mom’s are always searching for more natural products, and all-natural herbal supplements. The fact that this product has natural products is a plus for us green mom’s.
- Trina T.

My moms group definitely enjoyed the Mommy’s Bliss Natural Nausea Relief Medicine sampling. It is always nice to find natural and gentle medicines that can be used for our little ones. The convenient pouches are great for on the go. I even had to give some to my 9 year old and the taste must be okay because he did not flinch! The information was great that came with it so the moms could read for themselves the gentleness of the product. I was even able to share it with one of my kosher moms. The coupons were nice and will definitely be used in the future.
- April E.

I actually used it for myself and it really responded quickly! I love it!
- Carina A.

The kids didn’t like the taste of the product.
- Cassondra R.

My Mom’s Group and I absolutely loved this sampling and all the information we learned from the Mommy’s Bliss website. I made printouts of all the wonderful information and everyone learned some very interesting things about the Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief products we received to sample. Even though it wasn’t a sampling we could really ‘TRY’ right then and there, we did learn a lot of about the natural ingredients used in the Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief products and were both pleased and intrigued by what we learned. Later, as my group began to have need to use their samples, they reported back to me about what they thought and I was very happy to hear that they were everything they claimed to be: fast acting and tasted great! These were a huge hit with every mom in my group. They especially loved the convenience – they were able to have them available wherever and whenever they needed them. They could put the packets in their purse, diaper bags, pack them in lunch boxes, backpacks and even put them in overnight bags. It was a wonderful opportunity and everyone was so grateful to have been chosen to try out this amazing product!
- Danielle S.

Try to stop the “medicine” taste.
- Laura D.

A few thoughts from our moms: *Many try to avoid things with glycerin due to glycerin coating the teeth and making it hard for the teeth to then remineralize or maintain PH balance, and it reportedly takes many, many rinses to get rid of the glycerin. Our moms said they would prefer an alcohol base or Apple Cider Vinegar over glycerin, but realized that was probably not going to happen in this same form. They did say they would keep the Mommy’s Bliss on hand for emergencies and would prefer to use that then harsher non-natural alternatives. Second, some of the moms reported that smaller kids made a big mess trying to get the liquid out of the packs – but because they looked like yogurt packs, the kids were insistent on doing it themselves. This made for sticky messes and half doses. The moms did like the idea and packability of the packs, but said they’d probably not try it again with the younger kids…
- Jessica S.

It was a great product that myself and the group were excited to try. However, I wish there was different flavor variations.
- Jessica D.

LOVE the ingredients, love that it’s vegan, dye free and that it comes in individual packets. My kids hated the taste of it and thought the texture was weird. Any chance of making it a lollipop or in a Tums-like tablet?
- Lind A.

We all liked that they use natural ingredients opposed to chemicals, however we found it didn’t work as fast as the brands we normally would purchase.
- Gloria

My group really enjoyed learning about this product because most of them were not familiar with the brand or the product. They liked how it is a better product for their little ones and really liked the ingredients since it is a healthier alternative to other products.
- Tina B.

3 different group children said when they swallowed mommy’s bliss for upset tummy that it burned their throat, but got rid of upset tummy.
- Annamarie B.

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