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Have you ever tried to read the ingredients label on your countertop cleaner? Yikes! To clean up everyday spills with naturally safe and effective formulas, we’ve found the perfect product—Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Countertop Spray! This cleaner works on a variety of surfaces and uses the natural powers of essential oils to remove daily dirt and grime from your home. Available in 16 scents, the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day line is an effective, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly alternative to traditional cleaners. It’s the perfect product for moms like you who are concerned about exposing their families and the environment to the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products.

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Cruelty freeEarth friendlyMade in the USANaturalNot tested on animals

Where to Purchase

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are available at Target, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Publix, as well as select hardware stores and other retailers nationwide.


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I absolutely loved the countertop spray. It cleans just as good as the spray that I was using and it smells so good! I will definitely be switching products!
- Julie P.

The fragrances were a bit stronger than expected. Perhaps lowering the strength of the scent will be a good idea.
- Nehal S.

I enjoyed how my group didn’t care about eco friendly/ chemical free products until they tried yours. Now they love that they found something that works, smells good and is safe around kiddos.
- Traci H.

The group loved the small handheld bottles, they said it is a great product to keep in their purse to clean the table before their children eat at a fast food restaurant.
- Valerie E.

It was great to share this product. Most of the Moms said they had seen it but didn’t buy because it is expensive!
- Laurie H.

The hand soap left my hands feeling too dried out, even though the scent was lovely. I just wish it were more moisturizing.
- Courtney F.

I really love the product, but as me and my group discussed, it is a bit expensive compared to other brands and/or making it yourself (which is what a few of us do). I think most of us agreed we would buy Mrs. Meyer’s products with coupons, but continue making our own cleaners.
- Jennifer B.

We all loved the products. Several moms commented that they were surprised that the price for the countertop spray and dish soap was competitive to other brands. They were under the impression that Mrs. Meyer’s was a lot more expensive. All loved the aromatherapy and with the good price point, all said they would purchase it in the future.
- Lorraine

The meeting was like a party. We had to try the spray in several groups and see how this works compared with other products they currently use. I got mostly favorable feedback and many moms said they liked the packaging and smell of the product, and it cleaned well in our test so several moms asked where they can buy it.
- Xinxin Q.

This product works extremely well and is safe for many different surfaces. The scent is not too overwhelming but just right. Would definitely recommend and use again!
- Tiffany C.

We do have some major cleaning moms. They were concerned that these sprays do not kill germs and that they would still have to carry another product that would handle that type of cleaning. We were happy to find thyme does act as a disinfectant however it is not always available at our convenient stores.
- Nikki U.

Group loved the basil scent, only had few few small dish soap samples, the lemons counter spray was nice and refreshing. The geranium was too strong and left a long lasting floral scent that wasn’t appealing to most.
- Sonya M.

Loved the products but the scent was very strong and overpowering. Permeates the entire room for some time after used.
- Amanda F.

The smell is a little over powering.
- Natalie

Overall the group and I really liked the way it cleaned and that we don’t have to be concerned about it harming our kids. In fact, some were excited that the small sample bottles were the perfect size for our toddlers to help clean! A few in the group just really did not like the smell. I have to admit I wasn’t fond of some of them either. I will have to check out all of the scents at some point and see if I find one I fall in love with.
- Edee R.

We loved the cleaning products! They are had a great non-chemical smell to them and really cleaned up messes well! One participant had a baked on stain on her glass-top stove. She sprayed on the countertop spray and let it soak for a minute or 2. It came right up!! Her Fantastic countertop spray had left it behind and Mrs. Meyer’s got it right up. The Basil scent was a pleasing crisp smell that left the air cleaner smelling too!
- Kerry P.

Did not like the countertop spray!
- Lauren C.

We all loved the way the products worked but did find the scents a bit strong.
- Dawn J.

Everyone absolutely loved the products. All of the scents were fantastic and lasted a long time. We loved the fact that there were no harsh chemicals and such a wide variety of scents and products to choose from.
- Meghan K.

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