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Do you want to host a special holiday event for your Moms Meet Group? We’re excited to announce a unique opportunity, just for Mom Ambassadors, to host their very own National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique. It’s a great way to introduce moms and kids to the educational entertainment that National Geographic has to offer—and purchase a few holiday gifts! National Geographic books are packed with photos, facts, and fun, offering the perfect balance of “edu-tainment” for kids and parents alike. If you want to get your children excited about learning, National Geographic books are a great place to start.

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I love hosting parties like this! So much fun and educational! Thank you!
- Erika R.

There were NO books for toddlers. The moms that attended could not understand why. These moms would have purchased.
- Donna S.

I loved passing along educational material for our children. They loved it!!
- Stacy B.

This was such a great event that all the moms and kids loved. The kids love the different animals and characters and the moms loved how educational they were for their kids and great books to read. Many of the moms purchased books at the event and a lot purchased them after for holiday gifts.
- Stefanie S.

Moms in my group were so excited to get the set of National geographic books. The discount rate was great and saved us all some money. Educational content is superb for kids to gain knowledge and discover; not only about animals, but in the first book, discovering many more things they have questions on. Visually appealing photos bring pictures to life.
- Natalie G.

Most of the mom’s in our homeschool group simply couldn’t afford a purchase this pricey so close to the holidays. They did love the product, and lamented that the timing wasn’t well suited.
- Molly Y.

The only complaint/drawback I heard is that there were no books for very young children, Pre-k or K…
- Victoria G.

Our Moms group had a marvelous time sampling the National Geographic Books! We laughed and enjoyed the activities! I believe that some of our moms were ordering some of the books! We really enjoyed spending time with the kids looking at them and talking about them! These books are fabulous and what a terrific offer at 40% off! At our school book fair they are full price. Some had already purchased these books at the Scholastic book fair. Disappointed that they didn’t know sooner about this offer! We loved sampling these books and would love to do it again. In fact I will be sharing this offer again with a sister Moms group next week! Thanks!
- Gail A.

We had a wonderful time looking through the books together. Our group was smaller than usual, but everyone present really liked the books. It was fun to see what each person liked best and what they thought their children would prefer. Everyone was excited about the price, because we homeschool and many of us are on a budget. With the varied range of books available, many of us are able to fit in a large range of ages, several of us have at least 4 children and a large age range in our families. We loved the book boutique and would most likely do it again if the opportunity came up.
- Michelle Z.

It was so much fun having the moms and kids look at the books and give them the opportunity to buy them at a discounted price.Great books and the kids loved them! Wonderful colors and appealed to all the kids in our group, from 2 to 18.
- Rose F.

- Kathy M.
Everyone found the books to be very impressive, and actually quite reasonably priced with the Mom’s Meet discount. Many families are on very tight budgets right now, and the information to order was given to all, should they decide to order. We had a drawing and some of the ladies and guys went home with a book for the children or whomever. We, as a group decided to donate the rest of the books (3 large books) to the fire department, which they will give out to children that might not otherwise have a Christmas. Two people also gave their books back to give to the fire department/children’s christmas donation.
- “Danielle

Loved it! I loved the books for my own kids. My daughter absolutely loves the encyclopedia as she loves to learn about nature and she carries it around in her backpack everyday to school. My son is crazy about the joke book but really, these are quality books at great prices!
- Heather P.

This was one of our mom’s all time favorite meetings. So interactive with the books and the children all loved the books. Some of the older kids (7-10 years old) even read the books to the smaller children and it was priceless.
- Merrilee D.

The group loved these books. To actually see them and go through them with their kids was wonderful. Most did not even know that these types of books were available. They are hoping that the books would be available at close to home stores which can be accessed easier. They liked the idea of teaching the kids through different stages and the details shown within the books.
- Holleigh S.

Great sampling experience– thank you National Geographic! Fact that the discount/ability to purchase the books was only available through the National Geographic website did create some issues during the meeting. While I had my laptop and iPad up for ordering, we could have used more/better access to the products.
- Laura D.

I decided to bring the party to my school, since we all love books here:). The teachers were very impressed with the quality of the books and the subjects, however with the holidays they didn’t feel that they had the extra money to buy anything right now. Several people indicated that they would love to look at purchasing these for their classrooms at the beginning of the year when we are given our budgets.
- Robin T.

This was the most wonderful Moms Meet group sampling I have experienced yet! All of the moms in my group were very impressed with the National Geographic literature you’ve provided for everyone to look through before buying! Your books are so entertaining! The kids didn’t want to put the book down! Both the kids and the moms LOVED the National Geographic books! My daughter and I have been BIG fans for many years and I was so pleased to be able to share the joy with all my friends and their children. Thank you!!
- Jessica I.

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