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Looking for a way to boost your personal health? What about the rest of your family? You might want to try Symbiotics® Proline Rich Polypeptides Colostrum Plus®. It contains the perfect combination of immunoglobulins, growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to protect the body and promote healthy immune system function. Symbiotics® Colostrum Plus® is available in powder, capsules, and chewables so there’s something for everyone! Plus, everyone will love that it mixes into their favorite drinks like soy and vanilla almond milk, juice, smoothies, or protein shakes.

No antibioticsNo hormonesNo pesticidesrBST freeUSDA Grade A dairies

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Symbiotics® Colostrum Plus® is available at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, and


Reviews from our moms

It was good and everyone in my group LOVED it!
- Ty W.

The taste was a little too chalky for our taste. One of the members actually threw up.
- Rebecca W.

I was really impressed by the benefits and could really see a difference in my health!
- Sarah Z.

My mom’s group was appreciative of the benefits of the product such as the nutrition and the immune boosting properties. However, some of them didn’t like the taste and texture.
- Cynthia B.

At first, many of the moms were afraid to try the powder because they were unsure of how it would taste. Some of us tried it and many liked it while a few didn’t. I like that it comes in different forms so that you can just take the pill if you prefer. We also really loved the chewables for our kids. There was only one child who didn’t like them!
- Heidi S.

It was a great product and many of the moms were very happy with the product.
- Courteney M.

A few members did not like the taste of the powder that was mixed in soy milk or coffee (their choice). Almost all members and children liked the taste of the chewable. –
- Rondelle J.

Many of the ladies enjoyed the Colostrum when I mixed it with cold juices instead of cold water.
- Alexandra V.

We really enjoyed trying this as it was new to all of us! The chewables did not go over well but the powder was great!
- Vanessa S.

The cherry one was the favorite.
- Tabitha W.

Love the taste and the ease of mixing. Great with orange juice.
- Jeryl N.

The Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Wild Cherry Chewable Tablets were great! Was unsure of the taste at first, but overall I think they are very beneficial to one’s diet.
- Lindsay M.

A few moms complained of cramping bloated stomachs after using.
- Allison S.

I was having stomach issues as well as my toddler and this product was amazing, she loves the taste and we have already ordered products online with our coupon. Extremely pleased that we were able to try a product we enjoy!
- Tatiana P.

The kids loved the chewable pills!
- Jen W.

The adults and kids really liked the chewables and it was definitely something that could easily be incorporated into our daily routine. Would also like if they came in different flavors.
- Mollie L.

We made the drink in a variety of ways, but nobody really could stand the taste.
- Heather M.

I am in love with this product. My kids and other kids in the meetup group loved the taste, which is very important This works well in juices, mixes easily and it is perfect for smoothies. The chewables are easy to take and the kids commented that they weren’t ‘yucky’. I made smoothies for the group and it was a big hit; this was a great way to sample Symbiotics Colostrum.
- Angel K.

We all loved the Vegan Smart protein shake the best. A lot of the moms in the group went on to purchase it, including myself.
- Natasha G.

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