NatureRaised Farms Fresh Chicken

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Have you been looking for an all natural* chicken that has no added hormones, steroids**, and no antibiotics ever? NatureRaised Farms’ chickens are fed 100% vegetarian diets—so they have all the nutrients they need for optimal health and well-being. Specially trained and licensed veterinarians guide their feeding and welfare. It’s the extra care they give that helps you feel confident about the food you serve to your family!

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Cage freeNo added hormonesNo antibioticsNo steroids

Where to Purchase

NatureRaised Farms® Fresh Chicken products are available at Walmart, Food City, Sam’s Club, Shop n Save, Shoppers, Farm Fresh, Meijer, and Associated Food Stores in select regions.


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My mommys group absolutely loved this chicken. It is absolutely by far the best chicken ever. The taste and texture were amazing!
- Chelsea W.

We did not like the taste or texture.
- Star S.


I was finally able to find a pack of NatureRaised Farms Fresh Chicken at Sam’s, so I got a bigger pack to cook for my family and friends. It was Absolutely wonderful! The Chicken Breasts were very large and far superior in taste and texture to any other fresh chicken brand I have ever tried. Thanks for the opportunity to try these with my group.
- Lori T.

It was expensive and hard to find, but the product tasted amazing.
- Tamula A.

The chicken was very good, everyone loved it; and the fact that it was healthy with no toxins and the chickens are cared for, made the meal even better. We could tell the difference between that chicken to other kinds (full of bad things), and the good chicken had the best taste out of any other kind of chicken. You also get a good amount for a good price!
- NIkki B.

Great price and quality. Only problem is that it’s only available at SAM’s which is a club store with membership required; which in my opinion reduces the access to public. If it was available at Public or Walmart, I think it would have better success.
- Roxana R.

Would have been a better experience if we could have found fresh chicken breasts, could only find the frozen nuggets. Most adults and children did not care for the flavor.
- Regina G.

I loved that Meijer had the whole chicken and chicken breast available in the store I shop at. The taste was excellent!
- Tara E.

Everyone loved the chicken but it is not that readily available at the stores they shop at currently. I was able to get the chicken at my local Sam’s Club though, but a lot of the women are not members.
- Renita H.

My group really liked the chicken but it was very hard to find.
- Sara K.

It is so yummy. Just a few of the group thought it was expensive.
- Jessica F.

It was very hard to find.
- Lisa T.

It was expensive.
- Ramanda H.

Very easy to find, Moms loved it at our group cookout! Will definitely be purchasing this again!
- Kimberly W.

My group raved about the chicken and the recipes were wonderful!
- Brit V.

I am very pleased with this product. Everybody in my group felt the same way. We liked how the chicken was farm raised, that was the most important thing to us, to know that these chickens were treated fairly and with respect in order to honor us with their food. I wish all animal products could be this way!!
- Karla P.

My group was overjoyed that All NatureRaised Farms brand chickens enjoy a 100% vegetarian diet. This means no animal, protein or bakery by-products are used in their feed- just vegetables, grains, vitamins, and minerals.
- Kenny B.

The chicken was good, but it did not have as much flavor as some of the other all natural chicken brands that my group usually buys.
- Laura J.

We grilled our chicken and absolutely loved it! Our group would like to see it made available at more locations. We did, however, find it at WalMart.
- Tracy K.

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