NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

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The NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator safely and effectively suctions baby’s and toddler’s stuffy, runny or congested noses, helping them breathe more easily. Babies and toddlers often experience these symptoms, but are unable to blow their noses until they are 4 to 5 years of age which can lead to impaired breathing, feeding, eating, unsound sleep, and several generalized symptoms. With its unique 2-in-1 design, you can either use it as a NeilMed NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device, where parents can use suction force generated by the mouth to alleviate nasal congestion in babies and small children. When colds and allergies hit, the NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator is a must for all parents.

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The aspirator is easy to clean and really easy to sterilize using either boiling water or a microwave disinfection protocol. I loved that there were an additional 7 in-line disposable filters ready to insert for another suction session with my kids. It is definitely advised and required to dump each filter after each use. Read the full review 
- Opera Singer in the Kitchen

Wonderful sampling experience. Extremely generous sampling kit, with plentiful handouts. Great variety of items. Easy-to-use products and awesome results. Thanks you! Best sampling experience to date!!
- Char G.

This was by far the best Mom ‘party’ we have had. We are all into ways of keeping our kids healthy. All of the products given were wonderful. We all have tried them and LOVE them all. Thank you!!
- Christine S.

My goodness this was an AWESOME kit and find!! My friends were FLOORED by the concept and ease of using it! This is a FANTASTIC product!!
- Marina S.

AND, now, for the littles, NeilMed has an awesome suction booger sucker to help with the littles who haven’t mastered the nose-blow yet. If you think you there’s no way you could suck snot and boogs out of a nose, you’re probably wrong. I don’t say that light-heartedly, either, because I still inwardly cringe at the thought of it. But, the whole process isn’t nearly as crippling and permanently-damaging as you’d expect. In all honesty, Seeing a bulb full of snot that you just sucked out of baby’s nose is weirdly satisfying – like you’ve really accomplished something if you can remove that much mucus from a fussy baby’s nose. #motherhood. Read the full review  
- The Momma Whisperer

This product is amazing. My 3 year old baby is sick with cold and today I used it on her twice. She was completely congested prior to the use of the aspirator. She is now sleeping peacefully. There is no better sound than a sound of clear breathing when your child is sick. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try your product.
- Aneta D.

The majority are amazed and very pleased with these products! Me included! I don’t know why or how we never tried them before, but now due to several of our kids in the group with allergies and catching so many colds, these NeilMed products are a new favorite! We even have a few moms who say their children ask for their NeilMeds :).
- Brandy O.

This sample kit was awesome! Thanks. The product is wonderful. This is the first time I have tried an aspirator instead of a bulb syringe and I am impressed. It takes some getting used to, but works great!!
- Tiffany C.

It was really effective, especially used with the saline. Thanks for the sampling opportunity. Many of my mom friends are converted to use NeilMed aspirator now.
- Chialin K.

This is great not only for infants but for parents with special needs children who have problems blowing their noses.
- Melissa W.

Both the kids and I thought it was awkward to use at first, just like the other products I tried. This was mostly due to it all being a new experience. Just like the other products, we got comfortable with it real quick when we realized it didn’t perform as awkwardly as we expected it to. I wish I had this product when my children were babies. However, I now have a new mandatory addition to my regular baby shower gift basket! Read the full review  
- Organic Parenthood Blog

The Moms were very pleased with the products and thought they worked extremely well. They even went online to check out the prices and thought they were very good as well!
- Ruth R,

Most were impressed at not only the ease of use, but that their little ones allowed them to use it on them, in our beautiful cold north where head colds are a daily occurrence.
- Charmaine B.

I used the product on my 3 year old, and it worked great, she didn’t fuss as she normally does when using other methods of clearing her nose. Thanks for the opportunity to try the Nasal – oral Aspirator.
- Samantha J.

My group loved that they could get this at our local Walmart. They loved that it was priced well. The ease of uses and cleaning. Lots of them loved that it could be used two ways. The soft flexible tip was a big hit.
- Laura J.

This was such an amazing product and just in time for cold/flu season. Everyone really enjoyed learning more about the product and also the other products that NeilMed has to offer.
- Rebekka S.

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