Nightfood Ice Cream

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If you're like most of us, nighttime is when the ice cream comes out, but did you ever stop to think about what that does to your sleep? The team of sleep and nutrition experts behind Nightfood® Ice Cream believe you can satisfy those nighttime ice cream cravings without wrecking your diet, or your sleep. It’s even a 2019 Product of the Year, Ice Cream Category Winner in a Kantar Survey of 40,000 Consumers. Their ice cream has less sugar, less fat, and fewer calories than regular ice cream. Plus, it contains certain minerals, digestive enzymes, and essential amino acids to satisfy nighttime cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way. So grab a spoon and indulge in a nighttime treat—you deserve it!

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CalciumContains no drugs or sleep aidsErythritol freeFormulated by sleep expertsHigher in proteinLower fatLower in caloriesLower lactoseLower sugarMagnesiumNo artificial sweetenersSucralose freeZinc

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To find a store near you, visit: Nightfood Ice Cream can be found at the following retailers: Meijer and Lowes Foods.


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