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Rigoni di Asiago’s Nocciolata (pronounced no-cho-lata) is an organic chocolate-hazelnut spread from Italy with an undeniably superior flavor and smooth, creamy texture. Made with organic ingredients, including hazelnuts, cocoa and cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract, raw cane sugar, and skimmed milk, Nocciolata is completely free of GMO’s, preservatives, colors, additives, or artificial sweeteners. It also contains far less sugar than other brands and is free from hydrogenated fats. Each batch takes 36 hours of artisanal preparation to develop its rich and complex flavor and easy-to-spread texture. Nocciolata is perfect for snacking and is a wonderful accompaniment for breads, croissants, crepes, and fruit.

Gluten freeKosherNo additivesNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersNo preservativesNon-GMOOrganic ingredients

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Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread can be found at Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Fairway, Kings, Roche Bros. and many natural independent grocery stores and co-ops.


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My group enjoyed the cups, they are really cute and they also enjoyed how delicious the spread tastes. The one thing that they stated was that it needed a bit less sugar. Otherwise they enjoyed this product. Thank you!
- Candice H.

My group LOVED this because it’s a ‘better’ version of Nutella- no palm oil, organic, etc. We had no idea it even existed but we have all converted to Nocciolata!
- J Bishop

Nocciolata is smooth, creamy and rich. It has less sugar than Nutella, so it tastes less sweet. For me, that’s a good thing. It also has more of a hazelnut taste than Nutella does. It tastes delicious alone, or on toast or fruit. Putting it on something that is already sweet will give it that ‘too sweet’ taste.
- Juliza L.

My group and I just loved the Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut spread. Everyone felt it was so smooth and creamy, full of flavor and so delicious! My group loved receiving the giveaway cups and coupons, and I raffled off the keychain for more group fun! This was a wonderful experience for all of us and we all thank you for allowing us to taste this wonderful product. We all are going to continue to buy it and use it regularly.
- Karenann S.

I thought it was a great product, most of my mom group agreed that it tasted better and it had a smoother texture than the famous brand. I also thought the sample kit was super cute and everyone of my guests enjoyed it.
- Lina A.

Wow, I consider myself pretty aware and informed on natural alternatives to conventionally available products (Nutella in this case), but I had never heard of Nocciolata Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, and neither did most of my group members (shame on us). Nonetheless, it was an instant hit – we prepared slices of bread and fruit sticks to go with Nocciolata, but some of the kids kept eating the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread alone, so we had to remind them to eat them together. We still think that Nutella tastes good, but knowing that this is better and more natural, and therefore a healthier alternative gives us peace of mind.
- Erika O.

OK, this wasn’t a big winner. We loved it, as did all of our group testers – and they loved that it was in a glass jar and that care was taken in choosing ingredients… However, everyone that currently eats it said they make their own and would not change that unless in the case of a party or special occasion; in which if they were going to purchase, they would purchase this one.
- Jessica S.

My group absolutely loved this product! 99% of us use Nutella, and to see this product that is less oily (probably due to the fact that it is Palm Oil free) was great, because that is one of the negatives about Nutella. None of us had ever heard of this product before the review, but now are raving about it to everyone and switching loyalties straight away. I just wish it was available near me, I live in NYC.
- Jennifer B.

Our group loved the taste and texture of this spread, but best of all is how it’s palm oil free. Nocciolata has found a permanent place in our pantry and it’s time to say bye to most other spreads!
- Romilla P.

If the price was a little better the moms would definitely buy it all the time. It’s delicious.
- Mary P.

This was by far the most highly rated product among my friends that I’ve ever had the good fortune to sample. Everyone raved about how incredibly delicious it was. The quality is superb. This is a far cry from the junk (Nutella) that we were all used to. The one problem, the only drawback was the limited availability. My friends are general grocery shoppers (Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Foodtown, etc.) and said they had trouble finding it at these stores. A few of us would absolutely LOVE to be able to purchase it at Trader Joe’s, a store that we are very loyal to and that carries better quality products. Please start shipping this delicious stuff out pronto!
- Vicki B.

We loved it… The product is so delicious and I hope we can see this product in many stores in NY… Our kids liked it so much better than Nutella… Thanks for the opportunity.
- Janett

Loved the samples! The chocolate tastes very good considering how healthy it was. A lot of our kids like Nutella, so they preferred the taste of Nutella; but I think that with time they’ll get used to it, because it tastes very good!!
- Sarit E.

How amazing the product tastes and how it is far superior to other brands on the market. We conducted a blind taste test at our event and every single person preferred Nocciolata. I love providing my family with a healthy and delicious spread like Nocciolata.
- Maria T.

This was such a fun sampling! We all LOVE hazelnut spread, but due to palm oil and hydrogenated oils, we have stayed away from some well known brands. This was so exciting to try together and to discover a chocolate hazelnut spread that we ALL loved and feel good about serving to our families!!!! Most of us were not even aware of Nocciolata before this, so we’re all very happy to look for it and try their other products as well! Thank you so much for such a great sampling!
- Alyssa P.

They are very accustomed to Nutella and the way that it tastes. This didn’t taste exactly like it, but many were happy with an organic and natural substitution.
- Brianna K.

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