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New O Organics Milk Boxes are the perfect addition to your child’s lunch and a great alternative to juice boxes! Available in three yummy flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Plain—your child will love the taste and you will love how healthy it is for them! O Organics milk is certified USDA Organic and always made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetic engineering, added growth hormones, antibiotics, or anything artificial—so you know you are choosing the best for you and your family.

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No added growth hormonesNo antibioticsNo artificial ingredientsNo fertilizersNo genetic engineeringNo synthetic pesticidesOrganic

Where to Purchase

O Organics Organic Cookie Varieties are found exclusively at the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Albertsons, Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, United Supermarkets and Carrs/Safeway.


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Some moms thought that the Vanilla and Chocolate were a little too sweet; they wondered if the sugar content could be reduced. Many of the kids asked for seconds!
- Kathryn R.

All of the regular milk and vanilla milk boxes were barely finished at the end of the playgroup. A few of the kids wouldn’t drink more than a few sips of the chocolate milk. I’m not sure if this was as big of a hit as I thought it would be. Most of the moms didn’t really praise the product, which made me think they didn’t really like it.
- Shiloh K.

We liked that the chocolate and vanilla were not to sweet. It was a little pricey, but still worth it.
- Patricia M.

My group loved sampling the O Organics milk boxes. I bought a few of each flavor, and all of them were good, but I think the vanilla flavor was the overall favorite.
- Rachael B.

Most kids liked the boxes, though some didn’t like the vanilla flavor. The only concern I had was that the straw kept slipping into the box. Maybe the straw should be longer in the future.
- Latasha W.

Great experience–all the moms loved the non-refrigerated ‘piece’, and the kids LOVED the milk! I KNOW all members will be buying this product–so easy to get at a local grocery store. ‘No special trip needed to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods’ was a common comment…
- Michelle S.

My son whom is very picky really, really, loved this product!!
- Dania B.

Some moms felt the boxes could be a bit sturdier. When kids sucked on the straws too hard of for too long, the boxes sucked in, too. Some found this annoying because they had to stop drinking from the box to go back to normal.
- Chrystal M.

Everyone enjoyed them…especially the chocolate. Good size…not too small.
- Michele M.

The kids in the play group all loved this product, the kids and the moms thanked me for sharing. The moms were not too sure about a milk product that was shelf stable and did not have to be refrigerated. But once the kids tried it, and I explained more about the product, they really liked it, and loved the idea that it was all organic with no added chemicals or other things that are bad for our kids. They also liked the flavor options.
- Tina B.

O Organics Milk Boxes are a great healthy alternative to regular milk and juice.
- Nanda G.

The straw does not fit easily into the box.
- Dana L.

Some moms didn’t know it was offered in certain flavors, so they were excited about that.
- Carol S.

Our kids (and us moms:) ) loved the regular variety very much, however we didn’t like chocolate and vanilla ones (felt it to be too sweet). Our kids loved the sweet ones though.
- Olga S.

The moms in my group loved that the milk boxes came in lowfat milk, chocolate, and vanilla flavors while still being nutritious. The kids loved getting a ‘treat’ by getting vanilla or chocolate milk!
- Kera L.

The flavor was pretty off-putting for the moms but the kids did not seem to mind and enjoyed the milk.
- Sandra D.

We had a great time sampling the O Organics Milk Boxes. The kids were so excited for a special drink along with their snack. Although the serving size was too big for them to finish, so sadly a good bit was wasted.
- Jenny P.

Our group really loved the O Organics Milk Boxes (kids and parents alike!). Great product and we’ll definitely be buying in the future.
- Donna F.

Moms loved the convenience of the milk boxes. Kids loved the taste. Being organic was very important to the moms. Great product.
- Fran D.

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