O Organics Salad Bowls

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New O Organics Salad Bowls provide a healthy and delicious meal for moms on the go or at work. Plus, since it’s certified organic, you know it’s free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, GMOs, and anything artificial. With delicious flavors like Caesar, Southwestern, Cranberry Walnut and Baby Spinach—your family will love the taste, and you’ll like knowing that it’s good for them.

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No artificial ingredientsNo fertilizersNo synthetic pesticidesNon-GMOOrganic

Where to Purchase

O Organics Organic Cookie Varieties are found exclusively at the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Albertsons, Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, United Supermarkets and Carrs/Safeway.


Reviews from our moms

I really liked that it was in an eatable container. The container made it easy to eat from and store the remaining salad for later.
- LaWaughn M.

Due to the issue with the salad looking wilted and old at multiple stores, a few members feel unsure of organics but love the concept of the product.
- Kiara K.

This was one of our favorite samplings! These salad bowls are so easy … just wish they weren’t quite so expensive.
- Amanda H.

I loved the fresh taste and everyone loves the ingredients and flavor of the dressings. It was also filling, which was a good factor.
- Ann H.

We loved these salads. There were some great varieties, but for moms like us we need convenience and that is what this gives us.
- Tara M.

I really love the fact that this salad is non-gmo, eco friendly, organic, and is a mixture of leafy leaves.
- Jenny E.

Very well packaged, great for on the go lunch!
- Rosa D.

Very pricey.
- Yvette S.

They were filling and delicious.
- Robin P.

The selections were great. I really liked that I could have chicken or nuts or both in some of the varieties.
- Claudia M.

The product itself tasted very good; however, in my area, it is only available at Safeway and about half of the group shops at other stores. Additionally, majority of the group felt that the price was too high (about $1.00 per bowl higher than similar salad bowls). About half the group liked that there were two varieties with chicken, while the other half would like a larger variety.
- Rondelle J.

It was great getting to try a fresh product and it made for a great lunch. Loved the varieties, convenience and nutrition.
- Brandi L.

We loved the salads. The only thing a few people mentioned was that the cilantro flavor in the ranch dressing of the Southwestern salad was a little overpowering. All of the ladies LOVED the salads, though. I had a bit leftover so I bought a few boxes of O Organics Mac & Cheese so the moms could bring their kiddos for lunch:). That was a HUGEEEEE hit!
- Sarah L.

We think there should be more salad options and less expensive.
- Rebecca S.

The product is tasty, however the price is a little high for a single serving. I would be more interested if it came in a larger pack so I could feed my entire family. If that were the case, I think I’d feel like I was getting a better value.
- Allison A.

I liked the freshness of this product, and the ease for me to purchase for my group. Thank you for the opportunity to share a good nutritional product to increase people’s knowledge.
- Denise M.

The bowl was a too small – many found it hard to mix the contents of the bowls. Too much packaging – although the packaging is convenient, it seems like there is too much and may be quite wasteful. Serving size is a little small. Please make a vegan option – the cheese is separate but it makes it hard to have a vegan option when the add-ins are on the same tray together.
- Toby M.

Our group loved them and we already started telling friends about them. Especially our friends that want a healthier choice for lunch and are watching their weight.
- Natalie P.

The taste and convenience of these bowls were awesome and just enough to fill you up for lunch or actually dinner also. Some of the group just felt that they were a little too expensive and out of their price range for the number of people in their households to buy on a regular basis.
- Danielle M.

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